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    Skathen reacted to Finbar's post in the thread OFFICIAL 2024 Roster with Haha Haha.
    He was an expert at being wrestled onto his back after taking a 4th tackle hitup. Not sure if that counts for anything.
  • Skathen
    Skathen reacted to Broncosarethebest's post in the thread OPINION Next Breakout Broncos Elite player? with Like Like.
    One of the most elite players I remember is Lockyer, how Johns is an immortal and Lockyer isn't blows my mind. Piakura and Willison definitely in the mix at this stage if they can stay on the field. If we're talking elite/ should be an immortal then surely Mozer, IF he lives up to expectations, otherwise hard press for anyone else IMO.
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    Spoon reacted to Alec's post in the thread OFFICIAL 2024 Roster with Haha Haha.
    He's there so Oates can have a friend.
  • S
    Slightly off topic but on theme. Something I have thought about in the past is... "Who out of the current team will make our greatest ever 13 by the time they retire?". Walsh, cobbo, mam, haas and carrigan look like candidates of their careers keep going the way they are. But walsh would have to unseat kevvie Walters by getting lockyer moved to 5/8th, mam would have to unseat kevvie Walters or lockyer ffs, haas might already be in it tbf but damn what a field he would beat in Lazarus...
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    Spoon reacted to Manofoneway's post in the thread PRE-GAME [Round 8, 2024] Broncos vs Wests Tigers with Like Like.
    Issue is, nobody wants paix.

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