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  • heartly87
    heartly87 replied to the thread BroncosHQ Podcast.
    I am a bit late to the party but Podcasts are one of my fav past times. A few ideas I have to throw out there. 1: You don't have to be just a pod cast and don't necessarily need all the "equipment" to start. WrestlingINC for example is a podcast on wrestling, Uploads video on Youtube and audio on all your usual podcast apps. These guys are just using standard pc/gaming Headphones with a mic. You can always upgrade later if you have success. Also being on both is a no brainer for potential...
  • heartly87
    heartly87 reacted to Super Freak's post in the thread BroncosHQ Podcast with Like Like.
    Do you think BHQ should have a podcast? If so, is there any interest among the members of the page to participate in one? We could have different people each week if people can't commit on a weekly basis, but there would need to be at least 1 or 2 constants each week.
  • Mr Fourex
    Mr Fourex reacted to Sproj's post in the thread OFFICIAL Redcliffe Dolphins discussion with Like Like.
    I didn't get the sense that they won't add a location, I thought that was more about potentially changing from Dolphins to something else like Pelicans or Vlandys-pockets. Also, the whole thing was so ridiculously hard to hear, it is hard to be sure about anything. The sound quality of that conference was disgraceful and so fitting for the NRL.
  • Mr Fourex
    @Mr Fourex Article was this, poll is halfway down. Decent sample size, too - 4512 votes and counting.

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