2014 Broncos Season

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    Confirmed Squad

    Ben Barba
    Matt Gillett
    Alex Glenn
    Jake Granville
    David Hala
    Ben Hannant
    Justin Hodges
    Josh Hoffman
    Ben Hunt
    Jordan Kahu
    Martin Kennedy
    Andrew McCullough
    Josh McGuire
    Corey Oates
    Duncan Paia'Aua
    Corey Parker
    Jack Reed
    David Stagg
    Zack Strasser
    Ashley Taylor
    Sam Thaiday
    Jharal Yow Yeh
  1. Re: Offseason 2013/14

    Will be interesting to see how the squad pans out. I'm sure we'll hear more about the re-signings of Copley, Dodds etc. as well as potential re-signings.

    Any idea of when the boys head back to training?
  2. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League

    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    Early November according to the twitters of McGuire and Parker, I also expect Maranta to be signed on for another 2yrs. Look for the announcement.
  3. Sproj


    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    Not if we get Vidot I expect.
  4. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    I thought Stagg retired?
  5. Re: Offseason 2013/14

    can't get super excited with a squad like that tbh
  6. KingWebcke

    KingWebcke QCup Player

    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    Sweet, I hadn't realised that the Kennedy move had been officially confirmed. I thought it was still classified as one of the worst kept secrets in the NRL.
  7. Re: Offseason 2013/14

    I haven't heard anything about Stagg retiring.

    I believe there was confusion surrounding his future after he appeared in a bunch of congulatory Instagram photos which included departing players Prince & Wallace. However, Stagg was celebrating his 200th game that night.
  8. Re: Offseason 2013/14

    There was rumours about it when he hurt his knee but i thought he denied he was hanging up the boots?
  9. Sproj


    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    Reminds me of the IT Crowd:

    You mean the rumours I killed my first wife?

    What rumours?

    Oh nothing. There were rumours that there were rumours but they were rubbish.
  10. kaidenshipley

    kaidenshipley BRL Player

    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    If we re-sign Maranta... Hook and the whole management team musn't have any eyes... or sense for that matter. I'll be one angry man if that happens. :(
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  11. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    How I would like to see the full-strength Broncos team next season

    1: Ben Barba
    2: Josh Hoffman
    3: Jack Reed
    4: Justin Hodges
    5: Jharal Yow Yeh (if ready and I have a feeling he will be at some point)
    6: Anthony Milford (presuming we get him)
    7: Ben Hunt
    8: Ben Hannant
    9: Andrew McCullogh
    10: Josh McGuire
    11: Matt Gillett
    12: Sam Thiaday
    13: Corey Parker (Captain)

    14: Martin Kennedy
    15: Jake Granville
    16: Alex Glenn
    17: Lama Tasi

    That is a team that is very capable of playing Finals and finishing between 5th and 8th on the table.

    The back line is very capable of putting on a good share of points with Ben Barba running the ball back, one of the comps leading try scores Hoffman on the wing with Yow Yeh on the other but I'm not expecting great things of him tbh. Reed/Hodges is a very good center pairing but Reed will need to be on his game as Hodges isn't likely to play at the start of the year, at least we've got Alex Glenn for versatility. The halves is a bit of a worry but if we sign Milford ill be a lot more comfortable. Hunt showed good signs this year but it will be interesting to see if he can carry the team for the whole season.

    I rate the forward pack as one of the strongest in the competition with the whole pack apart from McGuire who I rate as a future QLD player boasting current rep experience. Some real bulldozers in Josh McGuire and Ben Hannant and a 2nd row boasting good ball playi g skills and work rate (when on their day) added by the brilliant Corey Parker. Don't get the hate for Macca I find him to be an okay hooker with great defense ethic.

    The bench provides strength and stamina and will be a bonus if Hook can use them properly.

    A pass mark IMO would be a finals appearance and a finish anywhere from 5th to 8th.
  12. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    It's not hate, it's just the same thing as it was for Wallace and Hoffman at fullback. It's one of the 4 key positions, and you really want excellent players in most of them if you are serious about challenging for the premiership. McCullough is solid and can occasionally be pretty damn good, but he's not a top tier hooker overall.
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  13. KingWebcke

    KingWebcke QCup Player

    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    speak for yourself buddy. Hate was the only way to accurately describe my feelings towards Wallace by the end.
  14. Re: Offseason 2013/14

  15. Re: Offseason 2013/14

    Hard to make any concrete judgements until the roster is complete but the feeling I have right now is that we're on the right track.

    Barba & Kennedy are positive additions and if we're fortunate we'll have better luck with injuries which will make a big difference.

    Just a matter of securing Milford and landing a couple of more signings. If that happens, I believe we'll definitely be finals bound. However, can't see this squad being genuine title contenders until 2015.
  16. rnabokov

    rnabokov State of Origin Rep

    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    whether we make the finals or not depends almost entirely on the coaching staff, not any individual player
  17. vertigo

    vertigo NRL Captain

    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    Last year for Griffin, wonder if he'll do anything different this pre-season.
  18. Re: Offseason 2013/14

    Lets hope it is. Surely we will make play for a better coach regardless whether we make the finals or not .
  19. Socnorb

    Socnorb NRL Captain

    Re: Offseason 2013/14

    I don't share people's confidence that things will be different under a "better coach". Sure we have not had a successful year by bronco standards but I'm not sure how any of us can compare those apples and oranges.as far as I'm concerned a coach only get players to buy into a culture , and I'm not sure AG is far from the mark in this regard. I know when I played if there was a problem with the coach, it's normally the players you lose first.

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