2018 FIFA World Cup

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    Who's watching this?

    What are your predictions?

    Australia have a tough pool, and I would like to think they are a chance of advancing to the next round, but Denmark have some quality players in their side. I can see them beating Peru, but I can't see a win against France and Denmark. I think best case they would draw against Denmark but they would need two wins to make it through unless Denmark flop.

    I hoped to see Netherlands do well. It would be a dream come true if they win it and I get to witness a World Cup win for Netherlands.
  1. Sproj


    But...and this is awkward...The Netherlands didn't qualify. Both them and Italy missed out, it was very controversial.
  2. Best month coming up. So pumped even though Italy aren't there :(

    Hopefully Socceroos can get a point against anyone haha.

    France winners, Germany runners up, Timo Werner golden boot.

    OMGOMGOMG it's finally here.
  3. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    The hype does not feel as big for this one in Australia as past World Cups.
  4. mitch222

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    I think Ronaldo is going to cap off his legacy with a World Cup win and go down as the greatest player of all time
    I think he is going to have a special World Cup
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  5. He "owes" Portugal and himself a great tournament. Somehow he has never been able to reproduce club form in the national team, and this may be his last chance, being 33 and all.

    FWIW, this Portuguese team is a fair bit better on paper than the one which won the European title, but everything must click and we have to play a more attack minded game if we're going to really make a fist of it.
  6. It sucks that it's not on free-to-air. I would love to watch it on the big screen.

    But because I have people here that are with Optus, I was able to sign up for a subscription for free and am now watching it.
  7. Not on FTA? Aren't all the games on SBS?
  8. Edit: I just had a look at SBS and turns out they do have the games, but it appears only some of them are live.
  9. Just had a look and turns out the replays are on SBS.

    The news I just read so no FTA at all. But you can't watch all the games live on FTA by the looks of it. It appears only the Australia games are live.
  10. Egypt vs Uruguay has been rather boring. 0.0 so far 58 minutes in.

    Portugal vs Spain at 4am. I'm looking forward to that one.
  11. Sproj


    Turned it on and it took about one minute before someone went down like they had been shot. This could be such a great sport if not for that constant rubbish.
  12. Uruguay have been rubbish.

    They are dominating possession but just doing **** all with it.
  13. Not surprised given the countries playing...
  14. Suarez just bombed a golden opportunity.

    One-on-one with the keeper and he takes too long to take the shot. He tried to get it around the keeper and blew it.
  15. Uruguay again **** up another great opportunity.
  16. Uruguay bombed a chance again.

    Cavani's free kick came off the post and came back to Uruguay players with pretty much an open goal but they got in the way of each other..
  17. Finally Uruguay get a goal.

    José Giménez nails a header in injury time to give Uruguay a 1-0 lead.
  18. Suarez carrying on like a pork chop on the ground. Flopping like a fish.

    Just get up you ****.
    I think Russia could do alright this World Cup. There is something about the host nation doing well in the World Cup due to the home ground advantage and the momentum they can gain from the entire country supporting them.

    I don't think they will make it pass the Round of 16, but I think they can make it.

    Maybe when Netherlands host one they can win it and I can finally witness a World Cup win in my lifetime. I'm still **** filthy about 1998 and 2010. They were painful.

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