OFFICIAL A day with Seibs


QCup Player
I Think he’s been pretty open since he arrived. Another step in the right direction as hearty bastards like us want to know what’s going on. Just need the performances to back it up now . Fingers crossed felllas


BRL Player
It was good to see.

Part of me wants the broncos to keep that shit in-house and let our results do the talking rather than broadcasting what we’re doing to prepare for the season.

But it was still good to see the effort the whole team, trainers and everyone else do to prepare for the season.


State of Origin Rep
Well, I was very very impressed with that presentation. My takeaways:
The team really look like they've bought in.
Seibs considers Boyd extremely important to the team.
The details are respected, no stone unturned.
Up to date analysis and targets.
There's a time for fucking around and a time to be serious.
I have a better understanding of Seibold and greater appreciation.

I was hopeful yesterday, now I'm optimistic about 2020. Seibold is leading and that's the single most important thing to do well.


QCup Player
Tbh I don’t think they really give anything away in terms of game plans I that video - entertaining , that’s some good off season watching


NRL Player
I enjoyed the video, well done to the Broncos for finally giving us something that we have never been privy to.
It goes to show how much work is done behind the scenes.
One thing that I did notice is Seibs looks very different in front of a camera to what he did in his time at souffs. You can tell he has a fair bit of pressure on his shoulders - not a bad thing especially after the way last year panned out.
I dare say he knows that this year will either make or break him.
I think if the team and coaching staff buy in to his ways, which look to be polar opposite to what they were use to under WB, then we will be successful in the years to come.
Ultimately the results lay on the coach but this video goes to show how many others are involved throughout the entire squad.
I hope to see more video like this out of the club.
Possibly the media team at the Broncos have been monitoring the recent "fan engagement" thread that was started on here...


International Captain
I think his sense of humour will come out in the bloopers video, soon to be released.
"Get on the exercise bike, Milf!", Seibold screams. As he thrusts his arm, pointing in the direction of the gym, the sudden movement pops the bottom button off his shirt and it hits Jack Bird in the eye.


* Camera snaps to Hodges making the Maranta face.

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