NEWS Alfie says Broncos will struggle to keep gun rookies

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  1. McHunt

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    Broncos legend Alfie Langer says Brisbane will struggle to keep their gun young halves for long

    PETER BADEL and TRAVIS MEYN, The Courier-MailMarch 8, 2019 9:55am

    Broncos legend Allan Langer fears Brisbane will not be able to hang on to its mouth-watering group of young playmakers.

    The Broncos are stacked with playmaking talent sitting behind first-choice halves Kodi Nikorima and Anthony Milford.

    Roosters recruit Sean O’Sullivan is next in line, while teenager Tom Dearden has bolted into fourth spot on coach Anthony Seibold’s “depth chart”.

    Sitting behind the 17-year-old Dearden is former schoolboys guns Tanah Boyd and Cory Paix.

    Tanah Boyd.
    Tom Dearden.

    Langer, Brisbane’s greatest ever halfback, said the Broncos could lose some of them to rival clubs.
    “I’ll be around them as long as they stay at the Broncos, that’s the only problem,” said Langer, an assistant coach.

    “They’ve got big futures, so hopefully the Broncos can keep them.

    “They have been great juniors. Once they get a couple of pre-seasons under their belts they will be knocking on the door for a first grade spot.”

    Dearden has bolted out of the blue and could make his NRL debut this season despite only finishing school last year and turning 18 next week.
  2. Alec

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    We don't need to keep all of them. Just please keep the right one (whoever that might be).
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  3. Tom

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    I wonder if he meant to word this differently or was he being funny?
  4. McHunt

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    The only interesting part of this - why I posted it - is the pecking order, right now.
  5. teampjta

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    I know that some mature at different stages, but surely between the greats of langer & locky they can pick a decent half.

    Imagine what we’d be if we had a REAL 7
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  6. peter09

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    I reckon at the moment Deardon is ahead of osullivan as well as paix an boyd

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