OFFICIAL Arthars extends for two years


Emerging outside back Jesse Arthars will remain a Brisbane Bronco for another two years.​

The 23-year-old has made 29 NRL appearances, 17 of those for the Broncos since making his debut for the club in the XXXX Derby win over the Cowboys in Round 1, 2020.

At 189cm, he is an athletic runner of the ball and has a great ability to read the game and break a tackle. His contract extension keeps him at the Broncos until the end of 2023.

This season, the Runaway Bay Junior has played 11 NRL games for Brisbane, making 15 tackle breaks and crossing for five tries.

In choosing to remain a Bronco, Arthars joins Kotoni Staggs, Tesi Niu, Keenan Palasia, Jordan Riki, Kobe Hetherington, Jake Turpin, Tyson Gamble, David Mead, and exciting youngsters Brendan Piakura, Teui “TC” Robati, Selwyn Cobbo and Xavier Willison who have all extended with the club in recent months.

They will be joined in 2022 by new signings Adam Reynolds, Kurt Capewell, Corey Jensen and Brenko Lee.

Broncos Football & Performance Director Ben Ikin said: “Jesse has played plenty of NRL footy in 2021 and is continuing to develop nicely as a footballer.

“We think he has plenty of upside in terms of his ability and he is a good team player as well, which is really important to us at the Broncos.”


I bleed Maroon

International Rep
Apr 17, 2013
I'm okay with this. At worst he's a decent depth signing for the backs but I struggle to see a spot for him in the side when we're at full strength unless Farnworth continues his fall off the cliff.


State of Origin Rep
Sep 28, 2012
I like Jesse. He’s had his moments but I think there’s something there with him

What I hope from next year, and what this year was to accomplish is that we pick our best 17 every week barring injury.

I think too many guys like Arthars, Bullemor etc are getting mucked around as an extension of Kevvie giving the guys he’s not sure on game time to see if they’re worth persisting with. I hope it works out and we’re still not chopping and changing every second week.

Mister Wright

NRL Captain
Jun 8, 2009
You can’t improve without guys like this in the comp. Not necessarily an out-and-out star, but could be a regular first grader and definitely a reliable replacement depth player. He’s also young and has shown moments of class, so with the right coaching could be a very good player.

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