Australia vs Tonga

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    Tonga is the best thing to happen to the International scene since Bennett got the Kiwis the world cup.
    It's seriously awesome viewing having a full house of super passionate supporters, it's excellent television. So of course Channel 9 decided to air the 5PM news instead and have the game on GEM.

    Prior to today's game, the Tongan boys were getting paid $30 a day to rep for their country. Full respect to guys like TPJ, Lolo, Fafita who could have easily played for other teams but sacrificed a huge amount of money for the betterment of the game.

    If only there wasn't still so many mercenaries like James Tamou who disgrace the Australian jersey by pretending to give a shit while he's unwilling to submit his citizenship paper work. Real patriot he is. And the rubbish like Radrara being selected. Kaufisi is another one. Sure it's all subjective, but I don't believe for a second those players rep Australia because they're passionate aussies.

    You just know if the international teams were all on the same $ and same opportunities of big games we'd have a far better international product. Origin is a huge flaw because it's the pinnacle of the game and players will consistently choose Australia just to cash in on that.
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    Read his story a while back just before the grand final. The amount of shit he has already gone thru and come out at the end just can’t make me hate him even though he plays for nsw and the roosters
  2. Any link? Would like to have a read if so. He seems like a genuinely humble guy, I've never once seen him be a dickhead, victory or defeat. Normally I'd hate the NSW/Roosters captain but he's very likeable.
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    Yeah, me too.
    As much as I love to hate the chooks & the blues, I can't help but like this guy...
    Genuinely humble.
    Genuine work horse.
    Kudos to a top bloke.
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    TPJ seemed to have a hardon for Cordner last night.
    The reports of Australia's demise were greatly exaggerated. At least at the very moment, fortunately for them they ran into a rusty Tonga side that couldn't take a trick. As soon as Hingano came off second best, whatever hopes they had of playing free-flowing football were crushed and they were left to throw desperation offloads. It probably doesn't help matters that their pack contains a bunch of one-dimensional Taumalolo players. Taukeiaho was great through the middle but that couldn't capitilise on any of his work because the next guy would just repeat the same play.

    Australia didn't have to do a lot. In fact, I thought their performance mostly mirrored last week's except Hunt got to play in the role he was coached to and sure enough looked a lot better. The Australian attack still looked flimsy and the communication between Cook and the halves seemed out of sync at times. I'm not sure if anyone nailed down a jersey, although I was impressed with Tedesco's performance at the back. Tedesco has always looked right at home in the representative arena and has that touch of class about him that reminds me of Minichiello. If he can continue to develop his passing game, the sky is the limit for him.

    Disappointing game, all over at half-time and Australia didn't have to play all that well to get there.

    Bring on the NZ-Eng series.
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