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    So let me get this straight...

    Because we played a close to perfect game, both defensively and in attack, against a team who had beaten us soundly only a few weeks before, and put a cricket score on them, it's not the best performance?

    The NSW'kers didn't know what hit them, but were not the crappiest team ever presented by the blues. It's not the most heroic, selfless, or humble of victories, but while it wasn't totally perfect, this is what it was:

    Relentless defense, relentless pressure, fast ruck, awesome kicking, fantastic chase, great attacking options, perfect goal kicking... so yeah, it is by far the BEST performance by a Maroons or any Origin team imo.
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  1. We all saw the game Porthoz but we have principles, something that is important to us. The principle belief that we as Queenslanders have is, never give up, don't take a backward step and when our team fights when there is nothing left, irrespective of the result, that's what we consider the best. Big scorelines and well executed plays are just the end result, it's the courage and resilience that makes us proud.

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    I absolutely agree.
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    Actually I re read my post and was in the process of removing the word normal for 'others' when I saw it was edited. You guys are fast ........sometimes !


    Spot on. It was an absolutely massacre. I hate that people are saying nsw played rubbish. they only played poorly because we dominated them. We drove them back in tackles, we forced errrors. They didnt come out playing bad, in fact, the first 5 mins they looked really good. We smashed them into submission. It was the most complete performance by any team ive ever seen
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    Re: Best Queensland Performances

    Just didn't get on at all. Wally gave him a huge spray in that game in '89 which didn't help.
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    I can't remember a better performance from a football sense, having 65% possession with a 90 something completion( I don't remember even an NRL game with stats like that).

    The fact is we didn't give them a sniff. I've watched it 4 times now and I think it gets better every time, hit hard quick play the balls low errors minimal penalties and hand the ball over as close to their own tryline as possible.

    Some of the tackle impact in the first half was incredible and had the NSWankers looking hard at who was coming.

    As far as importance I think the series was fairly important from a transition view point. Qld bought in Morgan, Gagai, McGuire, reintroduced Papalli and had Napa and Lee in camp for a look.

    You guys have covered most of the really big games except all 3 games of 1995, I thought that whole series was brilliant. We were given no chance but defended our way to a 3 nil series win conceding only 28 points in total. As it turned out that series win also broke what otherwise would have been a run of 6 straight by NSW from 1992 through 1997

    [​IMG] Robbie O'Davis
    Wing[​IMG] Brett Dallas
    Centre[​IMG] Mark Coyne
    Centre[​IMG] Danny Moore
    Wing[​IMG] Matt Sing
    Five-Eighth[​IMG] Dale Shearer[​IMG] Jason Smith
    Halfback[​IMG] Adrian Lam
    Prop[​IMG] Tony Hearn
    Hooker[​IMG] Wayne Bartrim
    Prop[​IMG] Gavin Allen
    Second Row[​IMG] Trevor Gillmeister (c)
    Second Row[​IMG] Gary Larson
    Lock[​IMG] Billy Moore
    Interchange[​IMG] Ben Ikin
    Interchange[​IMG] Terry Cook
    Interchange[​IMG] Mark Hohn
    Interchange[​IMG] Craig Teevan
    Coach[​IMG] Paul Vautin
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    Seeing Matt Sing's name there, how much did Will Chambers look like him!
  7. 1910

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    The first 60 minutes of game 3 1983.

    Queensland up 21-0 at half time and 33-0 just after.

    Blues came back with some late tries but it was still Queensland's biggest winning margin since 1955.

    Lawrie Kavanagh, the doyen of Queensland sports writers, was moved to venture in the next day's The Courier-Mail: "Never in my experience have Queensland played such a dominant role over the reputed world champions of rugby league.
    "Never has there been a greater case for complete Queensland domination of a Test team.
    "There is little to say of Queensland's magnificent victory except that it was complete, unquestionable and fulfilling for a bunch of underdogs who have been on the receiving end for many years."

    Stacey's try was terrific. Wally did some amazing things; huge 50m field goal right on half time just for fun.

    9 Queenslanders made the Test team that night. Scott, Boustead, Meninga, Miles, Lewis, Fullerton-Smith, Vautin, Brown and Tessmann. That was unheard of.

    It was the first big win in Origin.

    Colin Scott; Mitch Brennan, Mal Meninga, Gene Miles, Steve Stacey; Wally Lewis (c), Mark Murray; Paul Vautin, Wally Fullerton Smith, Bryan Niebling, Dave Brown, Greg Conescu, Brad Tessmann.
    Replacements: Bruce Astill, Gavin Jones.
    Coach: Arthur Beetson.


    Marty Gurr; Chris Anderson, Mick Cronin, Steve Ella, Neil Hunt; Brett Kenny, Steve Mortimer; Gavin Miller, Paul Field, Stan Jurd, Lindsay Johnston, Max Krilich (c), Geoff Bugden.
    Replacements: Kevin Hastings, Ray Brown.
    Coach: Ted Glossop.

    Queensland 43

    (Brennan 2, Miles, Stacey, Brown, Conescu, Niebling tries; Meninga 6, Scott goals, Lewis field goal)
    d. New South Wales 22
    (Anderson 3, Mortimer tries; Cronin 3 goals).

    Referee: Robin Whitfield (England).
    Man of the Match: Wally Lewis
  8. I loved those early soo games....when I look back on them I'm always amazed at the evolution of all things connected with soo...
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    'Best'... Semantics at 'worst'.

    This will be a game that will be remembered.

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