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Who is your player of Finals Week 1? (Pick 3)

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Jan 25, 2014
Pick your three best players from Friday’s match against Melbourne Storm and discuss below. You can change your mind until the poll closes in 48 hours.

We looked so much better 2nd half with Smoothy giving crisp early ball instead of the awkward shitty runs from Billy.
**** I don't know ... just give points to all 17
Reyno, Carrigan and Walsh. Those three set the tone. Reynolds takes the 3 points imo. Defensively awesome stopping Coates and the intercept. Attacking genius on kicks and plays.
Carrigan was amazing in the middle. Did he go off? I don't think so... Huge taking it to Grant early. Really told the boys to follow him.
Walsh, always threatening. Coordinated the defense Amazingly. Also set the tone early with taking it to Katoa. Ok, the ptbs he lost were 50/50, but man he is just a constant threat and him just being there was enough to disrupt everything for the Storm.
Had Haas, but on reflection switched to Carrigan. I think sometimes I just take him for granted but so good again tonight.

Reynolds. Marry me.

Staggs. To think some people were calling to move him on not long ago. Unrelated, but how do I delete my post history?
3. Haas
2. Reynolds
1. Carrigan

Big BIG ups for our front row for this game. They led the way to victory and Reyno's kicking game and playmaking finished the job. In reality the entire team deserves a beer after that
Very difficult for the third tonight. Carrigan and Reynolds were clearly the top 2 for mine (and everyone else it seems). The third pick you could almost chuck in anyone of the 15 others. I went with Herbie. His work early was exceptional.
Walsh, Reynolds and Riki.
Almost herbie for his first half, he looks very threatening on that right side **** me

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