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Who is your player of the Grand Final? (Pick 3)

  • 3. Kotoni Staggs

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  • 5. Selwyn Cobbo

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  • 7. Adam Reynolds

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  • 11. Kurt Capewell

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  • 12. Jordan Riki

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  • 13. Patrick Carrigan

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  • 15. Brendan Piakura

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  • 16. Kobe Hetherington

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Super Freak

Super Freak

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Jan 25, 2014
Pick your three best players from Sunday’s match against Penrith Panthers and discuss below. You can change your mind until the poll closes in 48 hours.
Flegler i thought was our best. He really took it to their forwards. Finding it hard to pick between Payno and Arthars for the other 2.

I thought our forwards all actually played pretty well tbh. It was our main 2 playmakers i think that had off nights.
He was outstanding as he always was.

So disappointed with Walsh, Reyno and a few others. Disgraceful amount of errors. If we don't make so many mistakes we actually win that easily.
Walsh was also one of our best, though.
Only voted for Ezra at the moment while I process the rest.
Ezra his name was getting engraved on the medal before Clearly stepped in..
Arthur's had a great first half cut Penrith open.
Herbie was strong and some of his defensive plays were good.
Payne and Flegs both awesome I think they won the battle over Penriths middles.
Kobes try saver nearly deserves a point just for that.
Staggs was playing like a man possessed for most part.
Riki made some important tackles and Billy's 40/20 was a great play that the team let him down for.

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