Broncos' 2019 Trial Dates Confirmed

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    THE NRMA Insurance Broncos have confirmed their trial season for 2019.

    The Broncos will play three trials in three different areas of Queensland, starting in the southern Darling Downs town of Warwick next month.

    The Broncos will take on their affiliate club Souths Logan in the trial at the Father Ranger Oval from 6pm on Saturday February 16.

    Tickets for the match at Warwick are only available at the gate on the night of the game.
    The Broncos' second trial will be held at Kougari Oval, Wynnum, on Saturday February 23.

    Brisbane are expected to have several top liners take the field against another of their affiliate clubs, the Wynnum Seagulls.

    The match will start at 7pm, with tickets now on sale here.

    The Broncos' final warm up for the 2019 NRL season will come against the Gold Coast Titans on Saturday March 2.

    The Broncos will meet their closest rival at the Titans' home ground of Cbus Super Stadium from 6.30pm, with tickets now available.

    This will be a full-scale hit out before the Broncos open their NRL season with games against two of their biggest rivals – against the Storm in Melbourne on March 14, and then at home against the Cowboys on February 22.


    Saturday February 16 – Brisbane Broncos v Souths Logan Magpies
    (Father Ranger Oval, Warwick at 6pm) Tickets available at the gate only

    Saturday February 23 – Brisbane Broncos v Wynnum Seagulls
    (Kougari Oval, Wynnum at 7pm) Tickets available now

    Saturday March 2 – Brisbane Broncos v Gold Coast Titans
    (Cbus Super Stadium, Robina at 6.30pm) Tickets available now
  1. No trails in png thought that was happening this year
  2. Can't wait for stuttering live streams.
  3. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Cancelled. It’s a massive effort to go up there.
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  4. Thelmus

    Thelmus QCup Player

    That's a shame about the PNG hunters trial. It seemed a massive boon for the game and looked amazing to see a trial game before a huge adoring crowd. It would be nice if the the NRL or even the ARL used a club game or two there to promote the game and maybe draw in some sponsorship for it.
    Surely something could be worked out down the track that way. Really, it would be great if one NRL game (maybe give each club the responsibility to play a regional game as a home game every 2 years, 8 teams one year, 8 teams the next) was played in each of the emerging nations and even in a place like china. I know its a big task (especially china) but imagine the increased profile it would give the game.
  5. And this attitude is why this game won't grow as much as it should.
  6. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    Its a bit sad, but i know quite a few blokes personally who play ISC and it knocks them around for a week or so after they come back. I can understand why we dont want it to interfere with our plans. Maybe it would be a good idea to play a trial with them at Suncorp.
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  7. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    Wynnums stream will be fine i think because they do their own.
  8. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    Movement at the station!!! Yuuuus!
  9. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    It's a massive effort and it takes weeks to come good again, one or two guys nearly always get sick and given the reduced pre-season and commitment to feeder clubs they couldn't do it this year.
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    FIVE players with NRL experience will spearhead the NRMA Insurance Broncos In their first trial outing of the 2019 season.

    The Broncos have this morning released a 23-man squad for Saturday’s hit-out against the Souths Logan Magpies in the Darling Downs town of Warwick.

    Forward Patrick Mago, who played 12 matches for the Broncos last year, will provide experience for a young Brisbane squad.

    Hooker Jake Turpin, who made two NRL appearances in 2018, will start at dummy half.

    Centre Gehamat Shibasaki and prop Payne Haas, who both made their NRL debuts last year, will also start in the match at Father Ranger Oval.

    Shibasaki played his lone NRL game against the Cowboys last year, while Haas played just twice before a shoulder injury ruined his season.

    Richie Kennar, who has played top-grade rugby league for both the Storm and Rabbitohs, has been named on the wing.

    But there will also be a host of future NRL talent on display at Warwick.

    Former NSW under-20s half Troy Dargan will partner Australian Schoolboys halfback Tom Dearden in the halves, with Tanah Boyd and Cory Paix to get their chance in those positions from the bench.

    Youngsters Thomas Flegler and Patrick Carrigan will start in the middle, while English forward Andrew Savelio will partner Jamil Hopoate in the second row.

    Teenage trio Ed Burns, Tesi Niu and Herbie Farnworth make up the starting backline.

    The side will be coached on the night by Kurt Richards, one of the assistants to Broncos’ head coach Anthony Seibold.

    to play Souths Logan Magpies

    Saturday, February 16 at 6pm
    At Father Ranger Oval, Warwick

    19. Tesi Niu
    2. Richie Kennar
    3. Gehamat Shibasaki
    4. Ed Burns
    1. Herbie Farnworth
    6. Troy Dargan
    20. Tom Dearden
    8. Payne Haas
    9. Jake Turpin
    10. Thomas Flegler
    11. Andre Savelio
    12. Jamil Hopoate
    13. Patrick Carrigan


    14. Kobe Hetherington
    15. Keenan Palasia
    16. Jordan Grant
    17. Patrick Mago
    18. Ethan Bullemor
    7. Tanah Boyd
    21. Cory Paix
    22. Xavier Coates
    23. Ilikena Vudogo

    Coach: Kurt Richards
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  11. Keen to see how the young brigade go, primarily Niu, Dearden, Haas, Flegler & Carrigan
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  12. Not really a trial methinks. I can't see anyone getting a go in the first official game based on this game. Ok, the players with some NRL experience are a chance but it just doesn't look (on the surface) like it's a preparation for game 1.
  13. Kyall

    Kyall NRL Player

    I think Haas will get 15 each half.
  14. Gaz

    Gaz NRL Player

  15. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    So, who is volunteering to drive out to Warwick to stream the game on their 4G phone?
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  16. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    Patty is MOTM
  17. That's the closest you're going to get to a Broncos 2nd XIII. The only exception is Payne Haas who I presume is getting game-time because of his long lay off and inexperience.

    Players Missing:
    1. Darius Boyd
    2. Corey Oates
    3. James Roberts
    4. Jack Bird
    5. Jamayne Isaako
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Kodi Nikorima
    8. Matt Lodge
    9. Andrew McCullough
    10. Joe Ofahengaue
    11. Alex Glenn
    12. David Fifita
    13. Matt Gillett

    14. Kotoni Staggs
    15. Tevita Pangai Jr
    16. Sam Tagataese
    17. Jaydn Su'A

    18. Shaun Fensom
    19. Sean O'Sullivan
    20. George Fai
    21. Jordan Kahu
    22. Izaia Perese
    23. Jordan Riki

    Roberts, Kahu, Fifita and Staggs are on All-Stars duty which may explain their absence. I'd presume all of them would have been rested regardless but in the case of Staggs, Fifita or Kahu it may have given them them the opportunity to audition for a position. O'Sullivan's omission confirms his place in the halves pecking order and that he's shadowing Nikorima for that 7 spot. Fensom and Tagataese's omission tells me that they'll be in the mix through out the season and they're currently in that Top 21 squad. I'm confused about George Fai, I presume he's under an injury cloud or he's a lot further down the pecking order that even I could have imagined. Similar story with Perese, either he's injured or he wasn't considered good enough to displace the other train and trial guys for a spot. As for Riki, he was a player who was rumoured to be apart of the development squad, either it was just a rumour or he's injured.

    The side itself is pretty much what you'd expect. Dearden over Boyd and Paix confirms how highly the Broncos staff thinks of him. I also think that middle third of Haas, Flegler & Carrigan shows where they are in the pecking order in relation to Mago. Then there's a bunch of Train & Trial/Development confirmations like Jordan Grant, Ethan Bullemor and Xavier Coates. I doubt we'll see any of them any time soon, but it's always nice to get an indication of the sides depth.

    As far as the actual trial itself, I'm curious to see how the middle third will play. Haas, Flegler and Carrigan all have serious NRL credentials this season and this will be their first opportunity to impress and advance to the next trial against the Seagulls. The halves situation is another storyline I'm interested in and I'm keen to see if Dearden will justify this level of faith in his first real hit out. I feel like we're only on chapter one of what could be a really long story between those three players, so I'll be keeping tabs.
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  18. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    I'm very interested to see how these trial turn out. Can recall the trials last year were very sloppy with a lot of dropped ball and penalties.

    Given the emphasis through pre season on ball in hand, skills training and situational training compared to the previous slog it out running. I'd imagine the squad as a whole should be much improved compared to the same point last year... pending how many of them train with the first grade squad on a regular basis.

    Could be interesting to see if there is any glimpse of Seibold starting to come through even at this early stage... again pending how many train with the first grade squad regularly.

    If there is then it's good signs for the upcoming season given the delayed preseason from the coaching swap. If not then we may be in for some teething issues to begin the season, which is not great considering our early draw... albeit the later trials with the closer to full strength squad will give a better indication of game plan, etc.
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  19. Thelmus

    Thelmus QCup Player

    It will difficult to read too much of anything from the game, given its an early trial, lacking any NRL regulars, but how they play might be telling eg. 3rd/4th tackle plays etc.
    Still too early I know for anything concrete but still, we might see a couple of things done differently, bearing Siebold is going with a "whole of club" approach to training and the way the team is prepared.

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