Broncos' 2019 Trial Dates Confirmed

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    Yep, Broncos B team vs Logan B team. Just a chance for the lower tier players to strut their stuff, most of whom will never appear in an NRL match. Interest level= zero.
  2. The first trial game never is a preparation for the first game of the season.

    It's usually full of no names because the regulars are either getting a break, playing in a pre-season tournament or being put on ice for the final trial game.
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    Broncos teen sensation likened to JT

    The Broncos will unleash 17-year-old halfback Tom Dearden this weekend, with the former schoolboy sensation described by his trusted mentor as possessing Johnathan Thurston-like qualities.

    Dearden has been named to start at halfback against Souths-Logan in a trial at Warwick following a stellar 2018 when he won the Peter Sterling Medal winner for the best schoolboy player in the GIO Cup competition after inspiring Palm Beach Currumbin High to their first national title since 2008.
    Dearden, who idolises the retired Thurston, also starred at Mal Meninga Cup level last year for Tweed Heads Seagulls, representing Queensland under 18s and the Australian Schoolboys with distinction. spoke to Dearden's respected PBC schoolboy head coach Aaron Zimmerle about the rookie half and why he "ticks every box". "Tommy is a unique blend which is why I rate him one of the best players that I have seen in my 16 years at PBC,” Zimmerle told "He's an individual threat, but a team player as well. The thing that made him our captain and halfback was that at no stage was it ever about Tommy.

    "He makes the players around him better and when the pressure is on he can step up and win you the game. "It is a rare blend, like a Johnathan Thurston where they have the ability to win it on their own or create the opportunity for someone else to win it." Last year's GIO Cup final was a case in point.
    "There are kids that have natural talent, which he has in spades. There is no better example than the try he scored off the kick-off in the national [schoolboys] final he ran 70 metres to score, so he has got speed," Zimmerle said.

    "He's strong and was bench-pressing 120 kilos at school. He's also got a great vertical jump, which tells you he's got quick-twitch [muscles]. "Tommy's attitude and work ethic is outstanding and the Broncos are giving him a taste at the next level because he has thrived at everything he has played previously. They know that he will go away and work really hard at getting himself there permanently."

    Broncos hooker Jake Turpin doesn't expect Dearden to be overawed in his first game in Broncos colours."He has shown us in training how good he is and deserves every accolade he is getting lately. He seems like a pretty special player," Turpin said. "He is definitely confident. That is one of the things that stands out to us. He is not afraid to get in front of the senior players and over-call them. It is a credit to him for coming in and not being scared."

    Zimmerle has seen plenty of halves at PBC progress to the NRL and rates Dearden as a can't-miss prospect with a stellar future ahead. "The beauty of it is that he is really humble," he said. "He is the first one to praise his teammates or ask ‘what else can I do?’ During his off-season he came here to school and trained with the schoolboys so there is no ego there. "If you had him in the classroom you would walk away saying 'that’s a great kid' without even knowing what his achievements in rugby league were. "We've had some great halfbacks at PBC. Cameron Cullen and Kane Elgey are two who were outstanding at schoolboy level and were both Australian Schoolboys.

    "Cody Walker didn't make Australian Schoolboys but won a national championship in 2008 and has since gone on to be outstanding at NRL level.
    "Jordan Rankin went through as a teen prodigy and has had a good career and played Super League, but I would nudge Tommy Dearden in front of all of them."
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    We're set boys.

    We've got the next Alfie Langer, the next Darren Lockyer, a 17 year old sensation with JT qualities, a star in the making and a Cooper Cronk clone..

    God the media sprouts some shit.
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    But who is the next Scott Minto?
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    No pressure though.
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    Imagine having Coates and Oates in the same team
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    Who’s Ash Taylor.
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    What I find most interesting about this squad is the players not picked. Obviously this side is and always was going to be a 2nd string team with possibly a couple of match fitness border line top 17 players (on this note, Haas may not be as much of a guarantee for a top spot as we all thought), but outside the obvious top 17 kahu, fensom, tagataese, perese, o'sullivan didn't get picked for this side. Sign that perhaps they are fighting for a spot or 2 between each other? Maybe, always hard to tell with trials.. And another interesting thing is mago? Has he dropped that far down the pecking order or is this just a match fitness 20 mins for him because he may not get as much in the other trials. Did he come back heavy from off season?
  10. Kahu is playing all-stars can’t be at two games in same weekend
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    It’s the off season. Without making excuses they suffer too.
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    Does anyone know if the trial at Warwick will be livestreamed?
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  14. You know it's nearly footy season when you find yourself down a rabbithole on youtube watching Broncos highlights.

    How good was that Isaako try vs the Roosters last year, legendary.
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    Are there still 3 trials? Normally there are but for some reason I have a recollection that they scrapped one.

    Normally the first trial is exactly like this - fringe players that maybe one or two will play out of their skin and be in contention for a depth spot. They'll be lucky enough to get a run in the 2nd trial.

    Second trial includes those mentioned above - Kahu, Tagataese, Mago, etc - to be pitted against each other to see who will jag some bench spots, and the best of the 1st trial will get another run to see if they can repeat their performance. There will also be maybe 5-7 players expected to be in the 17, normally those returning from injury and need to build up match fitness.

    The final trial is essentially a warm-up game for the first grade squad, with a few extra depth players.
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    Typical. Sure it’s just the kids team, but they still just have no idea about proper fan service do they.
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    It was a goodun. Ranks up there with this one

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  18. JYY is only 29 and would probably still be in his prime as a footy player if it weren't for that injury.

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    Go you B grade Broncos team!. Fingers crossed for a live stream, I need a fix this week. So close now.

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