OFFICIAL Broncos Secure Gabba For Three Games In 2023

knowing how FIFA work it would of been they get to use that stadium or no games in brisbane.

Pretty much. They don't **** around. They don't need Brisbane.


Fuckin Victorians man.
Based on how we faded out from R-20 this season, I reckon this blockage of Lang park would be a boon provided Broncos submit a strong case to NSWRL. The strong case being -- from late June to late Aug next season, we play all our Away games outside of QLD.

We anyway have to play all the Syd based teams(9) + Canberra +Knights +Warriors which all would equate to 12 games. We can play Sharks, Eels, Tigers, Dragons, Canberra, Knights & Warriors during this time while camped out somewhere in Syd. We can then play our remaining at Suncorp when we get our ground back.

Most importantly for mine, this gives the team to gel from late mid season by being on the road and trust each other more (we evidently screwed up this year towards the backend of the season). One example I would like to quote here is -- we camped out in GC before the Eels game and we smoked Eels at their home game which is to my joy. So if planned astutely, this will be a boon to us and we should take advantage of this.

As to Rotters, Souths & Dogs not able to play at their home grounds -- stuff them. I don't care.
It may cost you money but why not take a game to Mackay, Toowoomba or annoy the Dolphins and take it to Rocky.

Journos talkin Sunny Coast .
That would be in Dolphins heartland . And my back yard .

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