NEWS Broncos sign Jesse Arthars

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These young people aren't battle hardened and we are seeing the results this year with massive yoyo performance. We desperately need a proper leader. I'm not advocating going out and buying George Burgess but he would be a big name signing if we did and we would easily make room for him in the side as he is still a good player. If we roll into next year with the same roster we have now, we wont be any better for it. Seibold might get a stay of execution for this years performance, but the club wont put up with a bottom 8 finish next year. He needs a high calibre signing that will fit into the team he moulding that can get the job done next year. Otherwise he will be out on his ass. A half would be great as I'm not too confident two rookies could get the job done, but a strike forward with leadership qualities would be fantastic.
Considering the culture Siebs is trying to build post James Roberts i don't believe G Burgess coming aligns very well with that. I say this with full appreciation of what he brings as a player...

Do note Lodge has resigned for three years, will be 25 years old next season and to my mind is being groomed to become that forward leader we crave.

I wouldn't mind seeing what Paul Vaughan would do leading this pack but i cant see this potential signing being at all feasible...
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