Broncos targeting triple re-signing

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    JAMES Roberts and Benji Marshall are the next priorities in the Broncos’ retention list after the public disclosure that Sam Thaiday will not be a Brisbane player in 2019.

    Broncos captain Darius Boyd is close to agreeing to terms to stay at the club and fulfil coach Wayne Bennett’s pre-season wish that he be a long-term skipper.

    Roberts, who has scored a club-high 11 tries this year, and Marshall are off contract at the end of the year.

    The Courier-Mail revealed on July 1 that Roberts had attracted approaches from five other NRL clubs and he will seek a payrise from his present $300,000 a year reflecting his better form this year.

    Marshall, who has played seven NRL games this year, would have to again accept a cut-price deal to play a second year at the Broncos.

    The Kiwi playmaker agreed to join Brisbane for about $100,000 a year amid their salary cap pressures.

    The retention of Kodi Nikorima has no bearing on Marshall’s future at Red Hill.

    “We have four quality playmakers Wayne has to choose from and from a team perspective it’s awesome to have,’’ Nikorima said.

    “There’s no rivalry (with Marshall).’’

    An announcement that forward Jai Arrow will join Gold Coast is imminent, with the Titans able to offer Arrow a regular starting spot if he grasps his opportunity there.

    Outside back and goalkicker Jordan Kahu is yet to recommit to Brisbane, along with forwards Joe Ofahengaue and George Fai.

    Arrow would be the third young forward the Broncos have been unable to retain in the past two seasons because of salary cap pressures.

    Arrow, who turned 22 last week, would follow the Gold Coast ex-Broncos prop Jarrod Wallace.

    Brisbane have also lost Herman Ese’ese to the Knights for next year.

    Arrow played his seventh NRL match this year in the win over Newcastle last Saturday after Maroons forwards Josh McGuire and Matt Gillett were rested.

    Thaiday holds no grievances over the retention of a younger player such as Nikorima, 23.

    “He’s been a fantastic player for us. He’s filled a lot of gaps for us, he’s electric and still young so he has a lot of good footy in front of him,’’ Thaiday said.
  1. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon NRL Captain

    Jimmy and Boyd are musts, still sort of 50/50 on Marshall because can he take this newfound form he's found into the future or is it a short term burst
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  2. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Rep

    Jimmy Boyd and offa. Get it done broncos. Fai, Marshall and kahu would be welcome re-signings too.
  3. Battler

    Battler NRL Player

    Not looking good for Kahu if you believe journos. Probably for the best if he's demanding huge money with Allen, Pearson, and Isaako coming through.
  4. Stix

    Stix QCup Player

    I agree, that's Jimmys upgrade right there. Pearson slots in on the wing on a junior salary and the other 2 are potentials for if Oates moves into the forwards.
  5. Wolfie

    Wolfie NRL Player

    I think Kahu would be a huge loss tbh. He can cover the whole backline and he does it really well. Huge pressure on the likes of Allan, Pearson and Isaako to fill the void.
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  6. Foordy


    Reports are he isn't asking for huge money... something along the lines of 400k
  7. broncospwn


    If we let Kahu go that's just stupid. I don't care what young guns we have, Kahu is an actual gun player, a gun winger, a gun utility, a really good goal kicker, and as an added bonus he can slot field goals. He's enormous value, as long as he isn't asking for 700+ he's absolutely a must keep.
  8. pagey

    pagey NRL Player

    Neither was ese apparently!
  9. Jason Simmons

    Jason Simmons NRL Player

    Roberts is the highest priority signing we have, in my opinion. Boyd isn't going anywhere so I'm not worried about losing him, but Roberts gives us X factor along with Milford that no-one else in our entire squad can provide, or anyone we are likely to sign will give us.

    A backline of:

    1. Boyd
    2. Oates
    3. Roberts
    4. Bird (if we don't need him at lock)
    5. Kahu
    6. Milford
    7. Nikorima

    Looks genuinely deadly to me...
  10. Foordy


    You can't compare the 2 ...

    Ese'ese is a fringe/bench player

    Kahu is a NZ rep ... a gun winger ... a gun goalkicker .... a decent center ... can slot field goals
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  11. pagey

    pagey NRL Player

    Not comparing. But was noted we wanted to keep him , obviously Bennett has got a budget. We may not have a good enough offer for kahu, he deserves decent coin imo
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  12. Sproj


    If we do lose him though and he doesn't want an unfair offer, if just makes the Bird signing even more of a head scratcher.
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  13. Bird shits on Kahu.

    Can we stop this mentality that Bird is a dud signing? He's a weapon, the Sharks just haven't got a clue how to use him, Wayne will.
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  14. Waynesaurus

    Waynesaurus QCup Player

    Yeah....... Birds money and Milfs extra (thanks to the Storm) really does look like its going to hurt us.
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  15. Sproj


    I don't think anyone anywhere has implied he is a dud or even a dud signing. A dud signing is Kennedy or Barba. What many of us are saying is that he is not what our team needs, particularly if it costs us a number of our kids and Kahu. That is not the definition of a dud signing, it is talking about what seems to be a bad decision.
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  16. mitch222

    mitch222 NRL Captain

    Yeah I am going to fully support this statement. Bird is a gun player and the sharks just have never figured out how to get the best out of him. He is a genuine match winner which is why Bennett has bought him.
  17. Foordy


    If he is only asking for 400k a season, as reported, then we would be incredibly stupid not to offer him that
  18. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    Pretty sure he wants more than that, which is the problem.
  19. Foordy


    That's not whats been reported ... which probably means he is asking for less (since the media always inflate figures fro Broncos players)

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