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  1. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Smith will equal Lockyer on Wednesday for most games played (36). If Smith plays 75 minutes he will also have the most minutes played.

    Lockyer 2812
    Smith 2738

    Smith already has the most wins ever on 21.
    Smith also has the most tackles 1308,
  2. I think I read that he has made 500 more tackles than the next best tackler, Gary Larson as well ! Huge performances from an iron man in a bankers body ( not original but apt )
  3. jarro65

    jarro65 State of Origin Rep

    Truly great performance by the games best ever hooker.
  4. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I think he's only missed one game since he made his debut in the final Origin of 2003? The one where Ballin' replaced him and actually went pretty well.
  5. Morkel


    Locky's record is in jeopardy. Kneecap Smith, pronto!
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  6. Funny how we don't call Cam Smith a cheat every time his name is mentioned....just commenting on perspective is all.
  7. Why would they?

    Onya Smithy. Easily a Top 5 Origin player and the best hooker I've ever seen.
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  8. Mal needs to take Cam off after 73 minutes, when we're up by 30... :spy:
  9. Because he plays for the 'cheating Storm' . He ,following BHQ logic must be a cheat. I of course don't support that way of thinking. I think he's a legend.....
  10. Turn it up mate, that logic has never been applied on here, let alone been so well established that it's become consensus on BHQ.

    For one thing, I've never seen people derail threads on Ricky Stuart as a cheat despite playing for the Raiders. Most have enough common sense not to blame the players for the club's inability to handle the finances.

    It isn't like Smithy is that popular on here anyways. A few posters simply 'hate them Melbourne players' and usually rip in whenever they can.

    Start another topic if you must but this thread is to honor one of the greatest players to ever represent a state many people on here are proud of.
  11. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    Ironman. Always respected the guy regardless of the Storm debacle.

    Though I really hate coming up against him, never plays a bad game against Brisbane.
  12. I just found it interesting that there is no mention of his past even though as one of the big four during the rort he must have been involved. I'm not interested in starting a new thread on how we have different standards for those we like. I think we should honour ​Smith for his achievements .
  13. Morkel


    Oh, I hate the Storm and everyone potentially involved in the rort. But in this case, he's playing for Queensland. They might not all have been playing for the Storm, but they'd be in the NRL. There is no salary cap for Origin, so thankfully I can support him and not be a hypocrite.

    The only possible argument to bag out the rort's potential implications for the Qld side is that maybe they would all be playing for different clubs and therefore not have the combinations as clinical between the 3 of them. But even then it relates more to Slater & Cronk.
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  14. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    I disagree; as the Foran case has shown this week. Players have no clue what they're signing or what is in their contract. Foran had a million dollar handshake and didn't know or the club.

    You can and should argue it's their job to know and they should take an interest if they're putting their name to something but you're kidding if you think they all do.

    Plenty have the attitude I give my manager 10% to worry about things, bring me things and I will sign it.

    It would be pretty easy for a club to be dodgy and players never know.
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  15. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    In other words
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  16. That really made me 'laugh out loud' ! I love it that there are few who can genuinely read between the lines and read the invisible bits so clearly...well done, well done ! 1910s post made me giggle a little too as I made that same argument about players trusting medicos...however I was told then that there are no excuses, each and every player is responsible for every single itty bitty thing....apparently ! Naturally that's not my view as I realise the players are human beings just like me....and not some gods who gain special abilities when they start getting paid to play a sport !
  17. Morkel


    Special abilities. Like reading?
  18. Not like reading.
  19. abashii

    abashii NRL Player

    Hang on. In the Storm case weren't the players found to have signed two contracts? One for their real salary and another, lower one to be sent to the NRL? It'd be pretty hard for someone like Smith to claim he couldn't understand the implications of that. Someone like Turd Ferguson I'd believe, I mean he's 5 cruisers short of a roof recovery session, but Smith seems like a cluey bloke.

    Anyway, they've paid their penance and I'll have no issues supporting anyone in maroon this Wednesday.
  20. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    I see them as different although I did think of it as I was writing. I have complete control over what goes into my body; i don't inject it or eat it then I can't fail a test or be subject to speculation or investigation. No outside influence can make me take something or force me too. I have complete control unless I surrender that control.

    The cap though you're one working part, and it's not your job to worry about it. I am one 25th of the cap as far as the players are concerned and I have no clue what the other 24 parts are getting or doing. I say yes to a deal and accept it assuming it will then be registered and approved by the NRL after they look into my club's cap. I sign on for a car etc then I have no idea of the holistic situation in relation to the cap.

    Peats signed on for a car and last week Eels took it back because it put them over the cap; no one has called him a cheat? He took a car he should have known that it would put the Eels over.

    Foran signed two contracts with the Eels for two different amounts and the Eels sent them both to the NRL to register.
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