-NEWS- CEO White: Seibold's a tip top coach


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Sunday Mail interview's CEO Paul White. First question is whether Seibold will be sacked if the Broncos miss the finals:

“That question is nonsensical. We are four games into the restart of the season. There are 14 games to go. To suggest that (sacking Seibold) is nonsense. Now is not the time to be discussing the coach’s future. Now is the time for support. We are united as a club and that includes Anthony.”

“Anthony is the right person for this job. What I will say about Seibs is this - he has a tremendous work ethic and he has a real passion. ’Seibs’ hurts over our performances when our results aren’t up to speed. I like the fact that Anthony does hurt. People have levelled criticism at Seibs over some of his comments in the media but I like his passion and his honesty. Anthony knows he has a long-term commitment with our club and that’s not changing."

“Anthony is getting some scars at the moment and that’s good. I’ve said this to him. Every coach gets wounds along the journey, but the wounds heal and they heal for a reason. Anthony has to cop his medicine now and he will. If you are going to give someone a challenge of building something for the future and we are building that roster, you have to take the noise away. We will do that right now. We are backing Anthony. I know he has the ingredients to be a great coach.”


Wears the boots.

“No, there is no cultural issue. You don’t want your lows to be 59-0, but I am not concerned about our culture. This season (with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic) has been extraordinary for everyone. There’s not much motivation for a CEO if a club is just wins and losses. I want a Broncos club that has integrity around care and respect for people as a primacy for what we do and we do that."

“I’m hurting at the moment. We started the year well with two wins but unfortunately we haven’t recovered well since the competition recommenced. There is not a single person in our club today who wouldn’t disagree with the criticism. We are bleeding. I want the fans and our members to know we care - and that’s why I expect the side to show something against the Titans this week.”

“The talk about our Old Boys is overstated. Yes, some are critical but we are always working with our Old Boys. We just brought Peter Ryan on (as a consultant) and we have five club captains who are employed by the Broncos. Name another NRL club that has five former club captains employed? We care for our Old Boys. I am working as hard as I can to make the club better. They are always welcome.”

Gone, but not forgotten.

“I challenge anyone who wants to criticise our recruitment to write down what our side will look like in 2023. Will our roster be a retirement home? Immediacy isn’t everything. Yes, we have made some decisions to sign two veterans in Ben Te’o and Issac Luke. They are on minimum wage. Te’o is a great pro for our young players and Luke came here for family reasons. This roster will evolve into an experienced one. For every NRL club, the transfer market is fluid."

“If we are doing such a bad job, why do all the other clubs want to poach our players? We do an outstanding job with elite player development. We have a lot of talent in our organisation and playing group. They will get better. You can chart where we will be in three or four years time and that is a mark of good recruitment and retention.”

“I’m not saying hang in until 2023, but what people want to know is that they can turn up to the footy knowing they have a team that will give a level of performance consistently. We are working towards that. Look at the Storm. They built success around Cameron Smith, Billy Slater and Cooper Cronk and that’s what we want to build here. We are certainly not there yet, I know that, but with the group of young players we have together, I believe we can have success in the future."

“A premiership is the ultimate. It has such a positive impact on many people at a club. I would love it for all the Broncos people who have gone through thick and thin with our club. But you don’t just set a target in place without knowing the steps you have to take to get there. It’s vital our players learn and grow, because you don’t win comps on potential. You win comps on performance. We want to win premierships and I still believe this group will."

“It’s all about the totality of the club and that’s what makes the Broncos great.”

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He's right in that we have a bright future if we can keep some of the good kids around, but some of the recruitment and retention decisions with our more experienced players might stop that from happening. Oates, Bird, Milf, Boyd, Offa are all currently useless or worse than useless and are costing the club around 3.5-4 mil. I can easily see some of the younger talent getting fed up and leaving because those idiots have turned us into a shit side.

I bleed Maroon

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Yes because when the coach is safe as houses, not one but two different board members need to come out and back him.


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I'm sick and tired of the lip service.

The fans aren't buying into all the talk anymore, the time for talking is well and truly over.

It's time to shut the **** up in the media and it's time to put those words into action. It's overdue.

How about we talk out on the field, communicate with one another, bark orders at each other, fire up? No, we'd rather do our talking with the media. Lol.


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Well what an utterly remarkable summation of the Brisbane Broncos. My Bullshit meter is redlining . It's like he's essentially saying ...Well you all must , and should now enjoy eating , our new sloppy shit sandwiches and congratulate us on the taste of them , because this is the new diet of delicious crap we're now embarking on !!
W T F . I actually read all that and was at the end laughing ! Paul White you need a serious reality check old son . How about you listen to what you're saying . Sit down with the board and just look at the evidence, in front of you and all act appropriately and accordingly . Your preferred football coach is contributing to breaking records biblically ,for all the wrong reasons. Your team roster is full of deadwood that's choking the salary cap , and you want us to believe it's actually heading in the right direction . Actions speak louder than words .
Of course I don't disagree with your good sentiment ,hopes and aspirations for the players we're All in it for that , but man your manifesto is sending us down the shitter .. fast! and it's not just a recent thing . I don't know , but the disconnect , I mean the glaring contradictions of what you say should happen , and what is actually happening is just fanciful. Did the 2019 season not end in a disgusting god awful train wreck, then where's the promised changes ? Bad decisions have obviously been made , so actually do something proactive to address them NOW.
Yes congratulations on building a great brand , but may I suggest you actually seriously scrutinise our football team ,because at present, that brand is deteriorating with every year. .it's just demoralising to watch such wasted talent . Our old boys did indeed set the bar high ,a standard we are proud of still and expect to be, at the least, strived for to this day.
Shitcan me all you like , but post Covid 19 if this trajectory continues , I'm worried the Bronxnation 80,000 + strong at Lang Park will justifiably boo this team's on field performances from the rafters , whilst doing the Mexican wave , that's if they turn up at all! It's now plainly obvious to me that Mediocrity is the new acceptable standard at the Brisbane Broncos , and with that my football loving friends is a slippery slope, to how clubs implode .

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Don’t worry. No-one is leaving the membership ranks either... They have us stitched up with this auto-renewal crap so they ‘can’t’ cancel our memberships at the current time.

As seen in Paul White‘s delusional piece, they are in complete denial about the scale of the football problems at the club...


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this has everything to do with ensuring his legacy is correctly framed by fans and members than aspirational long term planning with him at the helm..

Surely you can all see this yes?


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this has everything to do with ensuring his legacy is correctly framed by fans and members than aspirational long term planning with him at the helm..

Surely you can all see this yes?
Yep he just wants his resume to look a bit better For when he’s applying for new jobs.

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