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Oct 28, 2013
May not have made the players appreciate the good times as much either though. All ifs and buts of course but our current trajectory looks pretty outstanding, should already be premiers.
Yeah I tried to be balanced despite my previous biases…

Very happy with where we are now…


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Jul 28, 2023
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1. Wayne Bennett (First Stint)
2. Kevvie Walters
3. Wayne Bennett (Second Stint)
4. Anthony Griffin
5. Ivan Henjak
6. The Worst of The Worst Anthony Seibold
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Harry Sack

Harry Sack

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Jun 12, 2013
Bennetts first stint was blessed with talent, enough to cover any mistakes he made. Everyone was in love with Bennett during the golden age.

Henjack was the end of the dynasty. Terrible.

Hook. Never really clawed our way back, just a middling meh coach. There was no where but down with him.

Benetts second stint wasnt glorious, some finals spankings, plenty of big losses to Melbourne and handed Seibold probably the worst Broncos teams he could have recieved.

Siebold got rooted pretty bad with the big rule changes and the roster he was left with. Didn't help himself by sticking with some serious plodders. Hope he does well at Manly.

Kevie just seems to say all the right things. He's an actual role model of a person, and he's surrounding himself with the right people. He seems to take on player input from players who are students of the game. R&R seems to be the best it has been in over a decade. Everyone is believing in the Broncos again.

I certainly wouldn't wish him well...I'll never forgive him for his time at our club. Also, **** Manly!!

However, he copped an absolute baptism of fire here and I think he's a far better coach than what he showed in his time with us. It wouldn't surprise me if he found success.

I also think JD is a far better coach than the last 18months have shown. If he's learnt the lessons, he'll be back and find success as well I think.

Bottom line, **** following Bennett.


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