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Mar 5, 2008

They never cease to amaze. Even without the try QLD were still in front. Robbed?? Lol
I now refer you to the Lockyer no try as featured on the QRail ads
Correct ruling: yes.
Bad rule: yes, because it's not consistent (ie, if Farah kicked his arm and he lost it, knock on).
Robbed: please. yes it was a game clincher, but they still had 5 minutes. Good teams can score twice in 5 minutes.

I feel a bit cheap with a win effectively from that decision, and would've been fine with no try, but there it is. NSW will fight back in game 2, don't doubt it. Decider in brisbane on the cards.
Only you and Scott saw this knock on after regather it seems...
What do you mean?

At NO time did Inglis ground the football with his hand. Hence why I don't understand how this can be awarded a try, unless it's a penalty try.

Inglis gathered the ball, was putting it down, lost it on Farah's leg, reached out and forced it with his hand.
Knock-on because he touched it wit his forearm and then it went forward. However should there have been a penalty if it was no try?

TBH I don't think they even looked at the forearm touch (clearly they didn't). They just ruled Farah played at it, play on --> TRY.

Harsh call IMO but it didn't cost them the game.

Jennings sin bin was the right call - you can't come in and throw a cheap punch like that. HARSH call but IMO the right decision.

We were off the pace IMO.

At the end of the day, we've had rough calls as well. It happens. 2006 game 3? Lockyer no try? Ashley Harrison no try? People forget when you win. Calls come and go. It didn't cost them the game.
Farah kicked the ball into Inglis. Even if it bounces forward, it's not a knock on. Inglis then proceded to ground the ball ---> TRY!

And it would've been a penalty try otherwise.
What a crock, it was a fair try. Was it really Bill Harrigan that said that or was Ricky so delusional with rage that he just made it up?

Even if it wasn't, should have been a penalty try. End result is the same.
Slater taps ball back.

Inglis picks up ball.

Farah kicks ball out of Inglis' hands.

Inglis grounds ball.

Did Harrigan admit it should have been a penalty when Jayne punched JT in the face?
Even if the decision was wrong, QLD were still leading by 2 points. Sure NSW may have come back and scored a try and won the game, but you could hardly say that was a certainty, so I can't see how the awarding of the Inglis try robbed them of the game.

If NSW is looking to blame anyone, they should look at their halves before blaming the refs. The NSW forwards laid a great platform for their halves, yet Carney and Pearce couldn't organise a root in a brothel. Maybe NSW should see if Craig Thomson is available for next game.
Also, I thought you can do whatever you want to stop a try in the in goal provided that it's nothing dangerous. From what I can see, there was nothing dangerous at all, Farah merely put his foot in the way and that's it.

He struck out with his foot in an attempt to prevent a try? How is that any different to what Slater was doing a few seasons ago, and didn't the NRL bring in a rule to prevent such tactics?
The Rock said:
I don't think it should be a penalty try either. Farah stuck his leg out to prevent Inglis from getting it, I think it was quite simultaneous. Therefore, if Farah wasn't trying to kick it out of his hands then it can't be a penalty try. If the ball is not in anyone posession then can do whatever he wants with it.

Simultaneous?!?!! Inglis gathered the ball while standing up in the field of the play, turned around and bent over to plant the ball, if Farah was kicking at a contested ball then he has macular degeneration or the steam you were watching was set to dial up modem speed.

The Rock said:
Also, I thought you can do whatever you want to stop a try in the in goal provided that it's nothing dangerous. From what I can see, there was nothing dangerous at all, Farah merely put his foot in the way and that's it.

You can't kick at the ball. It's the same as sliding in. Wasn't there a penalty try against Thurston for doing exactly the same awhile back?
Leading with the feet. Only NSW fans are dumb enough to forget that pretty major rule in rugby league.

Seriously, after 6 years you'd think they'd be used to it, but their still butt hurt sore losers. Man up you punch of pussies.
Mate, he kicked at it. That wasn't sticking the foot out, that would mean putting his leg between the ball and the ground.

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