England vs Tonga 2023 Test Series

Weather has been shit unfortunately.
Lolohea should have gone out the back to Hopoate there instead of the short ball to Frizell.

They had numbers and a chance to score before half time.
blown try by england there.
This Tonga forward pack on paper tbh beats NZ, they have to make something from this.

AFB and Mo as props are the 2nd and 4th best props in the game by stats(Haas 1st, Tino 3rd), with Oakau'atu and Frizell on the second row who are the same as 2nd and 4th best, keep in mind number 1 Fifita wasn't selected by Mal for some reason despite being clear easily, but Mal likes his nonsense over ability so what can you expect.
Lolahea hasn’t been that great I recon, Tonga also just lacking class out of dummy half
misses the conversion 10 points in it.
if tonga are to win they have to push through the middle with their huge ability advantage.
Tonga definitely lacking in Hooker to take advantage of their forwards.
Suli as a big body centre has to do more tough carrys to help out the forwards, lazy player.
Tonga should be a lot better, been looking pretty shit all game to be honest
England too composed, weather certainly wasn't the best for a good game but they handled all challenges from Tonga well.

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