FOOTBALL English Premier League 23/24 Discussion

Jeez that was close from McTominay.
Ooooo Antony with the curler, that was close.
How the **** is that a yellow card?
Drinks break for Ramadan.

That's cool.
Luke Shaw off with a hamstring issue.

That's great, another fucking injury.
Good first half from Man United.

They have been dominating this match so far. Brentford have very rarely been able to get any ball in United's half. From the start whistle Man United have been playing very aggressive and they're leading as a result.

Should have had more goals, though.
Oh shit, De Gea copped a shot in the nuts.
Looks like a knee to the nuts stopping a goal.
Lol Barca getting flogged by Real Madrid in the Copa Del Rey.
And that's game.

Brentford played better in the second half but Man United were always in control of that game and get a much needed win. They're back in the top 4 with a game in hand.
Now onto the PL and Man United lead Everton 1-0 at half time.
Rashford grabbing at his groin and waved to the bench.

That's not good.
Maguire injured.

Episode 2 Whatever GIF
Decent win for Man United, never really looked like losing that one.

After losing the Newcastle game, it was important Man United got straight back to winning and they have done that.

Eriksen being back is a good in with Casemiro still out for another game but Rashford coming off for a groin complaint is a bit of a worry.

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