NEWS Farewell to a Broncos Champion: Remembering Carl Webb's Time with the Broncos.

He won't be forgotten. True Queensland and Bronco Legend.

Fly high, Carl. ♥️

Man, that hits so hard. I watched that interview he did with Yvonne Sampson a little while ago and while he looked to be struggling physically, he seemed in a good place mentally.

I remember his debut and that try for Qld on debut. This one really, really hurts.

One of my favourite origin moments. One of the loudest non-scoring moments at Suncorp that I can remember too.

Strongest (physically) Bronco ever. Shows just how horrific MND is, our strongest (or anyone for that matter) should never face insidious disintegration like that.
Webb still holds the Broncos record for bench press (180kg) and back squat (252.5kg), set almost two decades ago, records etched to this day on a visual board in the Broncos gym, inspiring the current NRL squad.

I've got nothing to do tonight. Might put game 1 2005 on.

RIP Webby 😭
Man, that just sucks. Way too young.

I was at Lang Park for Game 1 2001. Was at the other end from where he scored that try, but by god that place erupted. He'll always be fondly remembered by Bronco and Queensland fans.

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