NEWS Farewell to a Broncos Champion: Remembering Carl Webb's Time with the Broncos.

That's one of the best Origin passages ever. The guy just took no shit, and when NSW went the grub, Webb just took it upon himself to school them.
He smashed Bailey 3 times in a row! This was probably one of the last moments of old school origin. How about sterlo’s bias..

RIP to the legendary Carl Webb.
Heaven will be there for him, even after his on field fighting and suspensions. He was still a great bloke that deserves to be forever happy.
Carl Webb passed away today at the age of 42. Way to young
I just read the news.....tragedy.

RIP Carl

You fucken Legend!!

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Gone way too soon, MND is a cruel disease.
Charlie was a happy kid, he never grew up in a lot of ways. Always fun- he overcame the loss of his brother when he was 16 picked up those pieces and he had a great career.

43 games for the Clydesdales in the ISC and 23 tries, off the bench in the 2000 Grand Final loss to Dolphins he was so strong.

If he was lifting in the gym the whole place came to a standstill to watch. He has the record at the Cowboys and Broncos and the Cowboys record beats the Broncos record.

I remember when the Cowboys dropped him back to the Pride in 2010, he scored a try against Ipswich that just smashed his way through under the posts.

He was so dynamic and fun to watch play football. The joke always used to be about how he never got a quick play the ball but he always said hard to when you're carrying three blokes forward.

To play Origin after 15 NRL games and handle it is just so hard and he made so many great runs. His run down the right-hand side and offload for Lockyer in game three was just pure Charlie.

Look at that team in 2000- Webb, Tate, Harrison, Hodges and Parker. Webb with the biggest smile.


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I just remember when he arrived at the Cowboys and the impact he made over there. It may have been with his first touch he set up a try with a lovely offload.

Then the following week he scored one of the all-time great front row forward tries where he ran 40 odd metres through the defence of the defending premiers, palmed off Patten to score. The Cowboys were just coming off their first finals series, but it was that night you got the sense they were there to stay.

He certainly had a sense of occasion. Another memory was that try he scored off the scrum to kick-start the scoring in Queensland's emphatic Game II 2006 win. Just such a smart little play and Carl that close to the line was never going to be stopped.

Just ask poor Gavin Badger. Pretty sure that was the same line he ran when he bulldozed him in a game against South Sydney.
Not many diseases can bring you down as quickly as MND has brought down Carl Webb (won't be calling him Charlie).

Great footballer in his time, rest in peace.
RIP Carl Webb

That 'Q' razored on the side of your head during that Origin game was to show you were 100% all in. Pure Passion

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