LIVE Finals Week 1 - Broncos vs Dragons

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Good riddance Thaiday, good riddance Sims, fuck off McC, and if McGuire wants to stick around he would want to wake the fuck up as well.

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We haven't got a clue when consistently under the pump, and I am so over McGuire. He is a fucking liability - one out and his defence is soft.
Can’t like this enough... it’s almost a foregone conclusion that he will run one out on the 4th just to squash any sort of momentum we’ve built up. He’s a grub too, really doesn’t fit with our team for mine.
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For real though, anyone who’s watched Rugby League for a while and watched this team run around as far back as even April would have told you that a soft Week 1 Finals exit was probably the best they could hope for this season.

Too many glaring problems in key positions that were never addressed (and mostly remain unaddressed for next season as well mind you) was always going to mean we were just making up the numbers in 2018
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