LIVE Finals Week 3

There's no team I hate more than the Storm. So all I can say is I hope they lose.

Why oh why couldn't the Raiders win. Fucking Edrick Lee.
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What a grand final, two teams that I hate with a passion, up there with Melbourne vs Manly affairs, there are no winners from this, the game loses either way.
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On this weeks games cronulla will win the gf
Melbourne were ordinary but Canberra were worse.
Sharks ate up the structure from the cows so no reason why they won't handle
the storm structure.
I've got to say, I heard Gus go on about how great that game was, how amazing the completions were...

I didn't see much if any footy being played.

What I saw was a bunch of one-out running, ruck infringements, dummy-half running and lottery kicks.

Whenever players decided to play what was in-front of them, THEN the game got exciting but neither side really risked it.

I didn't tip the winner, but the game played out as I expected it would. Canberra were the more assertive side and if it wasn't for a couple of bone-head plays they would have found themselves in the grand final. I thought tonight the players would be a little more switched on but Wighton and Lee couldn't help themselves.

What happened to Leilua by the by? I had to turn the commentary off, Gus riding the Raiders home got too obnoxious towards the end.

So Melbourne versus Cronulla ay? If it's any consolation, I don't think it'll be anywhere near the advertisement the 2015 Grand Final was. With that said, it's refreshing to see a side like Cronulla qualify for a grand final. Outside of 1997 where the code was split into two, this is their first grand final appearance since '78. If they happen to win, it'd be by far the more interesting story.

The only silver lining if it goes the other way is that it will add to the legacy of Smith, Cronk and Bellamy. All three are sure-fire hall-of-fame candidates and all three deserve to have more premierships to their name.
Leilua pulled his hammy [MENTION=1899]Big Pete[/MENTION]. I agree the game was ordinary. Melbourne just refuse to play outside their structure. There were a number of times Melbourne players were standing in tackles with support but opted to play the ball.


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Go Cronulla!? Raiders were my hope once we dropped out of the race.
It will be difficult but I will overlook Gallen and Fafita and go for the other players in the team (Barba, Capewell and Holmes for starters).


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Aaaaaaand now, this is the part NRL fans around the world have been waiting for, iiiiiiiiiiits time 2 halves for the 2016 NRL premiership!

Introducing first in the blue corner, fighting out of New South Wales, 'The Unpunished Drug Cheats' Cronullaaaaaaa Sharrrrrrrks!

And their opponents, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter fighting out of Victoria! 'The Punished Cap Cheats' Melbourrrrrne Storrrrrrrm!


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Hodges had a chance last year, Tuqiri did it in 2014, Matt Geyer in 2008 and of course, Shane Webcke..

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