Four Nations Week 2


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Thaiday once again gets outperformed by pretty much every other forward.


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Thaiday once again gets outperformed by pretty much every other forward.
this definately was what stood out most. thaiday is the worst prop in rugby league. he looks like he's trying to hit hard but he just gets stopped in his tracks by first contact. his only hope is to be running at the smallest player, otherwise he's just useless. hopefully bennett realises this and will never use him as a prop.


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I thought Thaiday went okay. He's not trying to get through the line or even dent it, He's simply going for a fast PTB. That's why he does those stupid looking steps just before the line - it means the defenders don't know exactly where he'll be positioned so they can't wrestle as effectively. While it doesn't look impressive or even pretty, more often than not it got a fast play and we were able to not only make metres on the next play, but get the Poms back-pedalling.

My theory on players from better teams was not dented by that game. Walker was a liability. Cordner was invisible.

And this 3 halves thing has me waiting for next year with baited breath. I remember an Origin in the late '00s where Queensland were down to 14 men and Webb played the full 80. The Cowboys coach at the time thought it was amazing, and therefore attempted to play him for 80 minutes for the club. As expected he was even more useless than normal and stunk it up as he wheezed through the game. I'm expecting a "smartest coach in the room" type to adopt a 3 half combination. I can imagine Ricky putting Campese & Cornish in the 6 and 7 and putting McCrone in the 13. "An extra half on the field equals 50% more points. Genius!".
That was disappointing for Samoa.

Should have held him up but once again, McGuire caught out in defence. It's the big flaw in his game.
Mcguire caught out in defence he has topped the tackle count in both games, you are a bit critical. How is it a big flaw in his game when he is one of the most consistent defenders in the team. Glen and Gillet are the players that have missed the most tackles in the broncs forward pack

Big Pete

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Ranga from LU?

Welcome aboard mate.

As for the complaint, yes, he masks it by racking up a high tackle tally but that doesn't disguise that his technique isn't as good as others or that he has problems shutting down the offload.

He should still be in the Australian team, but I guess the selectors are size supremacists and those flaws still need to be addressed.

It was a blemish on an otherwise impressive performance.


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He's off his meds. The only ones who performed well were the qlders.

Our crap rap players were blues (woods, the centre who isn't Jennings, the two wingers).
I thought Woods played really well after being bad for a lot of this year. I agree with the rest though. not that it is surprising that inexperienced youngsters are struggling at Test level ... unless you're Tim Sheens.

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