Game 1 - Match Thread

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Will be interesting to see how NSW come out in the second half.

Reckon the MJ binnings had a huge bearing on the game and swung the momentum. Whoever scores first will win IMO.

I hope you're right...
Fark, far too many gaps in the Queensland defence.
NSW are marching all over us atm.

Cronk's kicking game is letting us down big time.
Tough set here.

Nope, now they're going to take a penalty kick.

Silly decision IMO.
As Gould keeps saying.


And he misses it.
Why didn't Thaiday kick that FFS?
Far out, heart attack material.
Hodges has done stuff all tonight.
Hodges has done stuff all tonight.

Not his fault. We've directed most of our play down the left, and whenever we go out to the right, there's just no room for him.
He should make room. :wink:
Cronk's kicking game has been garbage.
I reckon swapping Farah for Buhrer is taking a bit out of NSW's attack. His service out of Dummy Half and the threat he offers just isn't the same IMO (cue Buhrer try)
Our forwards are out on their feet.
Poor old Carney has had a rough game. I hope they stick with him for Game 2, he'll be awesome once he steadies the nerves.
NSW are carving us up.

Though we are defending well.
Loving the gridiron blocks the QLDers are putting up for their kickers.
Gus at his biased best tonight. To be expected.
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