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Sep 6, 2013
I’m sure it’s been said, so excuse me if so, but irrespective of injuries I still couldn’t believe Hess was in the squad let alone the 13.

He did nothing tonight to change my mind.

Bloke burst onto the scene and has gone down quicker than a $2 pro since.

He's the Cowboys' version of Joffa.


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May 27, 2013
Well I haven't done this for a long time because I stopped caring about the Broncos season ages ago, so it is fun to do one again:

1. Brimson - He was excellent, man the Titans have a good 'un in Marnus. He has wheels, competes at everything, support plays and reads the play so well. Well deserved try and he looks a 10 year player at this level - 8
2. Coates - A mixed bag really. He got a nice try where I am pretty sure he broke his first ever tackle and that defensive take when he get absolutely hammered by Wighton was top notch. He really needs to learn to compete more and run with venom. Once he does that, he will be an absolute weapon. At this point, he is an incomplete player but certainly can hold his head high, loved seeing his pure joy at the final siren. His post-game interview was a thing of beauty, if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour, it was JYY-like - 6
18. Capewell - He isn't a centre but you would have barely known it the way he played. He was EXCELLENT. No it wasn't a perfect centre's game but it was everything this side needed from him. That try he set up for Brimson was a classic. He pulled out some MASSIVE plays - 9
4. Gagai - What else can be said? He is just a different beast at this level, he was just a threat everywhere, he popped up everywhere, he tackled everything hard. He is reaching Beetson levels of reputation. Were we watching Hodges out there at his peak? - 9.5
5. Sami - He certainly held his own very well. He was up against the fastest man in league and he competed for everything. Great defensive play early with Brimson and did extremely well to deny Addo-Carr late in the game. I was impressed - 7
6. Munster - Worked himself into the game very well and that try he scored was pure heart and composure. He started poorly but really did well the further the game went, very nice - 7
7. Cherry-Evans - He was really poor in the first 20 and then flicked a switch into epic mode. His last 60 minutes was top notch and well done to him, clearly rusty from no games in ages but once he got up to speed, he was EXCELLENT - 7.5
8. Welch - He pulled out the ol' Storm HIA which we've all never had any problem with hehe. But seriously, he was really, really good in that second stint and solid in his first stint. Would have been nice to sign him for next season but oh well - 7
9. Friend - He was really poor in the first 20 as well and took a little longer to get going but once he did, he was also really good but not to DCE's level. He wasn't far off though and finished really strongly - 7
10. Papalii - He was probably guilty of doing a little too much early to be honest but no shame in that. He is the best prop in the game for a reason, another top notch performance from Josh at this level - 8
11. Kaufusi - I thought this was easily his best performance at this level. I actually didn't think he had this in him for Qld. He has always been solid but he was great tonight. He defended stoutly and provided good early ball for his outside backs. I think he was a bit of an unsung hero tonight to be honest, not bad for a guy who looked like he was gone for the night with a blown knee early - 8
12. Hess - To be honest, he was the only disappointing player tonight. He just looked like off the pace compared to everyone else out there. Extremely poor defensively and offered nothing in attack before seemingly and rightly being hooked - 2
13. Foulsmellingodour - He started poorly in my opinion but his second stint was really, really, really good. He smashed everyone that went near him and bent the line every run in that second stint, he looks like he belongs - 7

14. Hunt - He made a difference when he came on for sure, very impressive performance from him in that utility role once again. I love the guy, wish he was still a Bronco but not at his pay level. Really, really good injection from him and he did exactly what he was asked to do - 7
15. Collins - When he and Arrow came on, the momentum totally swung. He reminded me a lot of Steve Price to be honest mixed with Nate Myles. He would be a nice one to get back at Brissy. He ran hard and smart, defended beautifully, great game - 8
16. Arrow - Why wasn't he starting? He was EXCELLENT when he came on, in tandem with Collins, totally swung the match. He totally belongs at this level and he is a massive weapon starting or off the bench - 8
17. Su'A - Bring in home Kevvie. He always looked made for origin and he threatened every run and hit hard every tackle. The pass to the side line was disappointing but the idea was right. A very nice debut - 7

Where can you find the Coates interview?


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Mar 4, 2008
QLD looked like we were going to be in trouble when it came to front rowers a couple of years back. Now suddenly a whole bunch of guys have popped out of almost nowhere and Papalii has been killing it at club level. Mo and Carrigan couldn't make the side, and hopefully Flegs lives up to the hype under a different coach.

Can we get the same thing with outside backs too?


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May 27, 2013

He’s such a green kid. Like a first year apprentice lol. Just hearing those few words he said about Wayne you just gotta bow down to the master. These kids at the broncos need Wayne and I’d love for him to come back as some kind of mentor for them.


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Sep 27, 2016
He won't get many headlines but the injection of Lindsay Collins really swung this game. 115 mtrs in 33 mins is outstanding for anyone, never mind a debutante. He bent the line with every run and helped swing the ascendency early in that second half. He is made for Origin and could be a regular member for the next 5-6 years.

How great is to have that magical Bennett factor back again? I have really missed it these last two years at club level. Qld never cease to amaze me, such a special team to follow.


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Oct 28, 2013
Is it just me or did they try their fucking hardest for the Blues there in that last 5 mins? Clearys chin was still on the fucking ground when he tried to play that ball and they gave a penalty!!!
Tbf his chin is on the ground when he’s standing uprigh

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