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    From 10 deciders, 9 at Lang Park- Queensland 7 New South Wales 2.

    Two different games the first two Origins. The first game the teams weren't kept apart too well and Queensland were able to thrive. In game two the teams were kept apart and suddenly the big men of the Blues had room and moved the ball quicker and more efficiently to the edges.

    Game one Queensland 215 passes and New South Wales 187.
    Game two New South Wales 217 passes Queensland 166

    If you play football you win.

    So now it becomes a battle of who wins out and what they're allowed to do, this is Cronk's team and him being there will improve everything for Queensland. Queensland have a 69% win rate with Jono and Cronk together, win tonight and they're the states most successful ever halves with 70%

    Lockyer and Jono- 12/18
    Lewis and Langer 9/13
    Jono and Cronk 6/9

    Queensland love to move it to the left and get Inglis and Boyd into the game, while New South Wales love to also go left and get Jennings into the game.

    Jennings now has 4 tries, 46 tackle breaks, 8 line breaks and 98 metres per game. He has the potential to do damage if Hodges doesn't contain him. Jennings loves early ball well before the line so he can use his footwork and speed.

    Queensland have won 6 from the last 7 games at Lang Park. So as much as they say they love it I am not really sure New South Wales do.

    Smith will be interesting, his family has been in camp with him this week and he's spent plenty of time with them. The players are not happy how their captain has been treated.

    Myles needs to be the forward leader tonight. In fact I would think that for Queensland to go well MOTM needs to be Myles or Scott. (Morris, Davidson, Backo twice, Bella twice, Harragon, Howe, Webcke, Bailey, Price, Mason and Gallen twice) are the only props to do it.

    Agression and keepting to a plan are the things Queensland didn't do well in game 2. They allowed soft tries.
  2. Good read..I was particularly taken with the section in bold as it really rammed home the difference in the sides. I agree Myles need to be a forward leader but in reality every single go forward man has to have a great game in order for us to win. I'm a lousy judge at times but it does look like a struggle for us tonight.
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    PS Imagine if we won last year and this was a decider for 10 series in a row ...

    9-1 still has a nice ring to it.
    I'm not feeling confident about this one. Their forwards edge ours, their backs match ours and their bench is better. Our spine is where we are superior and that's how we will get over the line, but we need a HUGE effort from our pack.
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    QLD's 8 straight wins is in the past now and if was them I would be focused on the future and present results. But yeah its just unbelievable to think QLD came close to completing a decade of wins, thankfully the Blues got them in time.
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    Needs Coops and Jono to both play well. Thurston seemed to struggle lately until the last game.
  6. Morkel


    Of anyone, Matt Scott will be the key. Shocking game last time, hopefully his neck injury doesn't mean those performances are the norm. In the past he's been a bulldozer and consistently our forward leader.
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  7. Saw Farah yesterday. He didn't have anything on his hand.
  8. Reports are saying Ennis will play. I'm glad QLD didn't bite on this bullshit with Farah in doubt and them using the loophole. We let NSW play silly buggers and focused on our own game.
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    I really don't think NSW backs match ours and when our forwards are on their game they're far better than their forwards and our halves, well that speaks for itself. If NSW decide to play rugby league for once then QLD win. If NSW come in and play dirty ike they usually do and the refs let them get away with it, it will be a close game.

    I'll be pouring beers and giving out free chicken wings at Taps in the Valley whilst sneaking off to watch the game as much as possible. Hopefully they'll let me take my break during the last half hour of the game.
  10. Freddy the deadshit pretty much confirmed that Ennis would play on MMM this morning. They then bagged him out for being a deadshit. Which was fantastic listening.
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    To be honest I'm not that up for this game. Hope that Queensland win for Justin Hodges' sake, but that's pretty much the only emotional investment I have in the game.
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    Can I perhaps change your mind with some peer pressure? Because all the cool people care about this game.
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  13. [​IMG]
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    I AM SO **** PUMPED
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  15. I actually think Thaiday will take it on himself to mess with Klemmer. Remember JWH?
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  16. Waiting anxiously by the phone......may have a virtually free ticket.....
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    I was actually thinking that this week. Klezmer definitely strikes me as one of those players that if he gets absolutely whacked early on, will go missing for the rest of the match.

    If I remember correctly Thaiday was unstoppable for the first 20 in game 3 2013, more of the same please Sammy.
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  18. No ticket. Boo.
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