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The ARLC are investigating back up plans for this years State of Origin game in Perth.

Should McGowan's border stance continue they'll likely pull the origin out of WA, costing the state a reported $15 million.

Adelaide, who are due to host an Origin in 2023, could be an option, it's "understood" the SA government could bring their hosting rights agreement forward to this year.

Melbourne are reportedly another option, and I have no doubt NSW will be pushing hard to get it after QLD got all three games in 2021.

The ARLC reportedly have no appetite to fly both teams into WA on charter flight 24 hours before the game.

they want clarity for the corporates and fans and will make a call by the end of March

Cameron Smith set to join Billy Slater's Maroons coaching staff​

Definitely a step in the right direction.......JT onboard as well.

Exciting years ahead. 🍻

Cam Smith - "This year I've decided to coach at grassroots level at the Currumbin Eagles. I feel it's really important to get back to grassroots level because that's where our next generation of players come from."
We could be in a bit of trouble this year.
I don't think the situation changes much in how the players are going.

Could see Cobbo taking Left centre which moves Hammer to the right and probably Holmes to Wing.

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