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Manly played much worse than the Rabbitohs did.

Interestingly, TAB have dogs as $1.80 favourites, Melbourne at $2.

I would have thought Melbourne would be favourites.
bookies have changed odds now

So...the two most prolific cap cheaters in history face off in the decider. Hooray?
what can u do . scum v cheats . hard to pick winner . dogs win like 16 out the last 17 playing at home ? . storm has stuffed around a bit. i tip dogs. benny barba man of match lol . or barba have a total stuff up . billy slater see you later kills it ?? ennis the menace ??

Big Pete

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Yeah, I know. For all the complaining and not having to go through any difficult periods, Des Hasler has just about re-invented the game. It gives hope to the teams with hopeless halves. Hopefully our coaching staff spends a lot of time trying to implement it into our game.
Heh, my post was intended for Dex although I'm sure he'd share the same sentiments as your post.

I hope Hook took some notes during the Dogs game. We were actually out-dogging the Dogs in the opening 20 until for whatever reason we just stopped.


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I'm hoping the Storm do the business for two reasons. Firstly because a non Sydney side win is good for the game and secondly the best coach in the game atm proves he is exactly that, the best coach. If they lift the Premiership then they can place it next to the ones they have already won......I never cared one iota that they went over the cap in years gone by and in my eyes the GFs they won they won on their merits. They never bought high value players, just paid them what they were worth. Other teams should have developed their own players just like melbourne did. It was always 17 versus 17 and they will be premiers in my mind for the years they were robbed....the bullshit cap only ever rewarded the crap sides who refused to develop their own and gave a leg up to coachs who simply are not up to the level set by the best...


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Kasiano, Graham, Pritchard & Eastwood all do about as much playmaking as the halves do.
Absolutely, it goes to show what really good coaching can do. Hasler has figured out how to manipulate shut down defence and make it work in rugby league and by doing it from just about anywhere on the field it makes defences work so much harder than just bashing it up the middle.

They do tend to hit the second man more often than not so I will be interested in how Melb try to read the Dogs play.

It reminds me a lot of a style that WB used at Souths many years ago, called contract football (I think). Their forwards would run in numbers (usually 3) the first runner would hit and spin then pass to next runner and so on. When they got it right it was really hard to defend.


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I ****ing hated them as much as anyone but I'm over it, I can't help but admire how good they are.

I wish we had that kind of steel in defence, and the skills to put teams away when they give you the opportunity.

Also not just give up when something goes against you.
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I've got no time for how the Bulldogs have gone about it. They have more or less recruited player after player because they are incapable of producing juniors or can't keep onto their talent. The class of Smith and Cronk will win it for the Storm anyway.


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Hope it's a great grandfinal, the 2 best teams of the season going hammer and tongs to decide the premiership. I'll be cheering the Bulldogs on I can bet you that.


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the big picture . the future strength of the NRL . better if storm won. there has been talk of a 2nd melbourne nrl team

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2nd melbourne team? i dont think thats happening until at least the first one doesnt need to be propped up by the NRL to the tune of $5mil every year.


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I hate both of the teams. But I hate Melbourne more. They bought this game into disrepute in the worst way possible.


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So have the Dogs, Oasis scandal. (salary cap rorting as well)
No. They are not even close on the scale compared to what Melbourne did. They ruined years of competition. But that's another overdone convo that's now being re-done in League Talk.


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the big picture . the future strength of the NRL . better if storm won. there has been talk of a 2nd melbourne nrl team
If the current team in melbourne can't even get too many supporters behind them given their success over the past ~6 years, then I can't see how the city can viably support another team.

Ari Gold

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Perth and Adelaide don't really count, they are natural AFL towns. Only Sydney is a non-AFL heartland, and I dispute your description of GWS as a 'team'. More like a PR group.

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