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    Article on fox sports now
    Stood down and fined 10k for two incidents back in September and November
    Most likely to miss 2 to 4 games apparently
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    I’m on my phone so could someone post the article up please
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    2019 squad thread
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    Brisbane prodigy Payne Haas could miss NRL’s opening month for refusing to cooperate with integrity unit
    FEBRUARY 19, 2019
    The NRL’s next superstar Payne Haas has been fined $10,000 and stood down by the Broncos for refusing to co-operate with an NRL integrity unit investigation in the latest black eye for rugby league.
    The Courier-Mail can reveal Haas will miss the start of the NRL premiership after being slapped with a club-imposed Broncos ban following his role in two off-field incidents that involve family members.
    Haas is counted as one of the top forward prospects in rugby league. AAP Image/Darren England.
    It is understood the NRL integrity unit has rubber-stamped the Broncos’ shock suspension.
    Haas will miss between two to four NRL premiership games, including Brisbane’s season-opener against Melbourne on March 14 and their Round 2 derby with the Cowboys on March 22.
    The decision by Broncos hierarchy has rocked their pre-season under new coach Anthony Seibold and continues the NRL’s summer of shame in the wake of off-field dramas involving Ben Barba, Dylan Napa and Jack de Belin.
    Haas, who made his comeback from shoulder surgery in a trial at Warwick last Saturday night, was on Tuesday named for Brisbane’s second pre-season hitout against Wynnum Manly this Saturday.
    But the 19-year-old’s immediate future is now under a cloud with Haas in danger of being stood down from the trial at Kougari Oval.
    The one certainty is he will not start the premiership, with Broncos chief executive Paul White expected to hold a press conference on Wednesday to detail the precise reasons for Haas’ punishment and premiership demotion.
    The Courier-Mail understands the Broncos sanctioned Haas after he became embroiled in twin off-field incidents involving violence between September and November last year.
    Haas will not play in the competition’s opening month. AAP Image/Dan Peled.
    One was an alleged personal dispute involving family members.
    The other relates to a brawl at a Queensland Rugby League semi-final last year that involved his brother and sisters. While Haas was not directly involved, he was in close quarters to a savage scuffle which led to police attending the scene.
    After fielding complaints, the Broncos reported the matters to the NRL integrity unit, which begun a formal investigation last November.
    Integrity unit officers attempted to interview Haas. When the Broncos rookie refused to comply, Brisbane threw the book at the 117kg front-rower for failing to adhere to the club’s values and behavioural standards.
    Haas is not guilty of any offence and is not subject to any police investigation.
    But the Broncos are concerned with Haas’ refusal to help the NRL’s behavioural watchdog and have suspended him, effectively putting the entire Brisbane squad on notice.
    Haas is one of Brisbane’s brightest stars and is tipped to take the NRL by storm this season after his debut 2018 campaign in which he played three games.
    Haas was a certainty to be named on Brisbane’s bench for their Round 1 clash against the Storm, but the monster prop is now digesting the gravity of the Broncos’ hard line stance.
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    NRL media is going full A Current Affair over this. Reacting the same way to this that they do to rape allegations and DV
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    It’s not the fact he was near the brawl, it’s not cooperating with the integrity unit that’s the biggie
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    A brawl would imply there are a lot of people in close vicinity to the action. I don't understand why Payne Haas' testimony would be so important to any investigation. At a semi-final there must have been upwards of 200 people that witnessed said brawl.
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  10. Foordy


    It probably wasn't ... But the club can't condone Haas not cooperating with the integrity unit ...

    For a number of reasons, but most importantly, they don't want to send the wrong message to Haas himself ...

    Hopefully Haas learns from this and rips in when his suspension is over
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  11. Well, on the face of it he has done the same as I would have when it came to dobbing in family . I could be way off of course but he might have simply said, I didn't see nuttin'. We'll see AS's man management skills tested sooner than we'd have liked.
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    Disappointed this has happened but whether it turns into a positive or a negative depends totally on haas' reaction and attitude....an unbelievable talent with a great work ethic and the ability to change the game, but there have been many talents at this exact crossroads in their career and have taken the wrong path (eg Owen Craigie and millions of other examples) or the right path (eg Thurston)... Haas did nothing wrong by the sounds of it during the actual event (yes he didn't talk to the nrl integrity unit though so that does need punishment I suppose) but if you hang around a bad crowd, family or not, eventually trouble will find you...

    Also, wow... The nrl have really set a precedent here. Not talking to the nrl about an incident that the police didn't even call you up as a witness for, and only a fight, gets you a 2-4 game ban? Surely rape, and therefore lying to the nrl integrity and police units, gets you a life ban. SURELY, but it won't because they are Sydney teams
  13. Dee

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    Very disappointed in this whether he was involved or close by. We are investing so much into Payne, he is a vital member of our future and to see this is frustrating and disappointing. I'm glad our club has a ton of integrity and I'm really hoping this wakes up every single player in our club.
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    I'm sure that if JDB gets found guilty, he won't play another NRL game.
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  15. Dexter


    I think the Broncos put their own ban on and the NRL concurred with it.
  16. Foordy


    [QUOTE="Lockysillegitimatechild, post: 3001546, member:

    Also, wow... The nrl have really set a precedent here. Not talking to the nrl about an incident that the police didn't even call you up as a witness for, and only a fight, gets you a 2-4 game ban? Surely rape, and therefore lying to the nrl integrity and police units, gets you a life ban. SURELY, but it won't because they are Sydney teams[/QUOTE]

    The NRL didn't set the precedent ... The Broncos did ... These penalties were club imposed, not NRL imposed
  17. What a load of shit. I didn't realise refusing to answer questions to the NRL integrity unit is a suspension worthy offence. If I wasn't self-employed and my boss asked me about a police matter involving my family, I'd quite happily tell him to shove it, in fact I'd happily take legal action too if I was denied income for it.

    What is he banned for exactly? For refusing to speak to the NRL integrity unit about a matter under police investigation that he's not involved in? Only an idiot would speak to the NRL about it and only an even bigger idiot would talk about a police incident involving his own family.

    He did the right thing. Good on him.

    Obviously there's a lot of details missing here but if his only crime is not speaking to the NRL integrity unit then a 2-4 game suspension, even a fine at all is a huge over reaction.
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  18. Mightybroncs2k17

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    I applaud the broncos here, setting a standard and sending a message that regardless of who you are and how important you are to the team if you dont follow the rules you will be punished.

    He's learning a few lessons the young fella, regardless of how big you are and your potential a David Klemmer shoulder will still knock you out. And now this one. Lets hope this is the closest the broncos come to bad press in 2019
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  19. Stu_9

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    It will be very interesting to see how Haas handles this. It sounds as if he has done nothing other then refuse to dob in/spill all to the NRL integrity unit on an incident in which he wasn’t directly involved in.
    I would say pretty much every other club would have kept this in house, rather then standing a player down.

    As we all know Haas was wanted by literally every club in the NRL, and chose to stay in Brisbane. Yes he has a long term deal with us, but what do contracts in the NRL mean nowadays anyway..?
    I have no doubts that clubs will be watching this and even making enquiries to his manager to see if he would think about switching clubs. He is still very young, and he might not like what the Broncos have done here.
    It was well published his close relationship with WB, and I recall him even stating WB was the reason he signed with the club originally, and also extended his stay last year..
    This is a massive decision by the Broncos, and hopefully is one that is a warning to the players.

    There are no doubts that Seibold has his stance, hopefully its one in which Haas takes the right way, and learns from, otherwise things could get ugly.
  20. ivanhungryjak

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    Without knowing any of the facts, a young bloke will quickly learn to say, "I didn't see nothing", instead of "I ain't telling you nothing". Life lessons, I guess.

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