Have David Smith and Paul Gallen Ruined State of Origin ?

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2014' started by Mr Fourex, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. subsbligh

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    Prior to the rule change, player discipline was self-managing.

    Now, the only thing worthy of a sin bin is a punch.

    We are in a worse position for the game's image than before. The game is grubbier and played with less "honour", because of the mandatory and short sighted rule changes. As well, I'd argue that reckless lifting tackles - like the Tate game 1 and Myles game 2 are encouraged, because you'll never get sent off for it, it's now know to provoke a response of fear in the tackled player when he is completely helpless and is done to intimidate.

    There needs to be a 5 minute sin bin, for fighting and also for dangerous tackles put on report. 5 minutes in the bin for a dangerous tackle. Or at least a compulsory interchange (i.e. -1 from the interchange quota) so the player can cool his heals. There is not sufficient deterrent at the moment.

    That tackle on Josh McGuire is as bad as it can get. If they are serious, that's a send off.
  2. Take the mandatory ruling out of it (fighting) and place the decision to send off or not, back in the hands of the referees.

    They could have let a blow up happen in game 2....then ruled, "alright boys, you've had your fun. Now the next player who throws a punch will sit out for 10 mins"

    Lets play footy.......
  3. The tackle on McGuire is a 6 week ban minimum.
    Name a single sport where there hasn't been fights / animosity on a regular basis.

    Pro tip: You can't.
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    Lawn Bowls
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  5. Brett


    I don't mind players being passionate, but they don't need to act out like boys who can't control their tempers. That's the point.

    The game doesn't need biff and players should be able to control their tempers like grown men playing a professional sport.
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  6. It's like talking to a brick wall, they're men, there's going to be animosity and fighting, as long as it's a contact sport there will always be niggle, I don't care how much you pay them.
  7. Mister Wright

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    I have to admit I loved seeing fighting in State of Origin, however that was before I became a father. I am undecided as to whether I will let my son play footy. I probably will, but given what we know about concussions and 'one punch can kill' I'm personally grateful that it is gone now. Imagine being the first player to kill someone with a punch on the footy field. You would never recover. I know it's unlikely, but it's definitely not impossible. I'm now glad fighting is out of the game and appreciate the game much more. However, the debacle the refs let that game turn into on Wednesday night was far from an entertaining spectacle. As Buzz Rothfield said (finally said something sensible) in today's paper. "If you can't beat them, bash them." And the refs let it happen. Maybe that's what Daley and Archer spoke about at their 'meeting' last Monday (or Tuesday) night.
  8. I love fights. But they are dangerous. It really is that simple.
  9. teampjta

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    Yep spot on, fights tend to be broken up pretty quickly anyway, let it out boys and move on.


    Def what id like to see, however it wont happen. The one punch youre off rule is in line with society and here to stay,

    The NRL is being diligent in its duty of care to the game, its obvious they fear a player being knocked out cold on live TV or worse death.

    The so called whinging soccer-mums where all quick to attack, like it or not are the future of the game, dont know how many of you have attended kids training sessions (assuming you have kids playing the game), but these sessions are packed with mums who easily out number the dads. A mother decides what her child plays, we may think we have a say but its the mums taking them to traing/games etc and as much as i l;ike most of us here miss the origin fight, unfortunately its a thing of the past.
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  10. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League

    They are putting up smoke and mirrors, if they really cared we wouldn't be having blokes like Reynolds get off like he did.
  11. Brett


    I think the NRL are trying to move the game on. A lot of the players are still stuck in the past though, and this is creating a lot of tension on the field. I don't think to just let them fight each other and "get it out of their system" is the answer.
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  12. I tend to agree with you, but if they really want to clean the game, grubby acts like Gallen's high tackle, Reynolds up-ending in Origin 1 and his punching of Gillett in game 2 should be dealt with severely!

    Frustration about that type of behaviour not being punished appropriately is exactly why the niggle and stupid cheat goes on!
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  13. Brett


    Agree 100%. The referees have a lot to answer for.
  14. Mister Wright

    Mister Wright NRL Player

    Exactly right. And with the NSW-biased media this has all been swept under-the-carpet because they're all blowing their load after winning 1 series. If they were fair dinkum they'd be mentioning that the Blues couldn't truly beat us with football they had to turn the game into a dog fight. Good on 'em for finally getting up, but the grubiness will always be on tape forever.
  15. I think for the most part, what you're describing as dangerous is the street fight......where a person who gets hit usually falls and hits something pretty hard like concrete or bitumen. The chances of someone dying on the footy field from a punch are about as high as mine are of winning lotto.

    and add to that nearly 9/10 punches usually miss their mark ...... it's a massive over reaction by making it a mandatory sin bin.
  16. Juniors play with all kind of different rules that are tailored to their age.

    So why not play the mandatory one punch you're off rule, only in the juniors .....?

    It was knee jerk reaction made by someone who doesn't understand our game for anything other than it being just another financial commodity.
  17. At some point the human race needs to put it's caveman thinking to bed. This is a good start.
  18. RL would be closer to the "caveman" end of the spectrum as opposed to the book worm end. It's a physical, contact sport where emotions and adrenaline run high. It's based on gladiatorial behaviour in it's rawest form.

    It's something to consider when we actually look at the game we're talking about.
  19. Brett


    I think you're missing the point.

    I think Maynard said it best:

    It'll take a lot more than words and guns
    A whole lot more than riches and muscle
    The hands of the many must join as one
    And together we'll cross the river

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