Have David Smith and Paul Gallen Ruined State of Origin ?


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I love this whole push of "we have to bring back the biff to stop the niggle"

Here's an idea. The refs could do their ****ing jobs and penalise the niggling shot out of the game. But hey the useless pricks can't even count to 6 effectively so we better not give them too much responsibility.
And to expand on that, they were frustrated because the refs outright refused to penalise the bull**** cheap shots. With each one being ignored by the refs, the players each just got worse and worse, both sides feeling that they're being hard done by by the refs when their opponents get away with it. So they either keep going and going until the ref blows the whistle, or they take matters in to their own hands and punch on.
I think these comments are dead on and cut right to the heart of the matter. The problem with the "one punch, you're off" mandate is that it has opened to door for every other grubby act to be let go. The Tamou forearm in Game 2 was only a penalty because Myles reacted and it stopped play. It should have been penalised immediately. Penalise all dog acts and they'll stop doing it. If that means blowing a few early penalties both ways then so be it.

I don't mind players being passionate, but they don't need to act out like boys who can't control their tempers. That's the point.

The game doesn't need biff and players should be able to control their tempers like grown men playing a professional sport.
I like this point. I think it's a side effect of QLD's enormous success over the last 8 years. NSW are/were under pressure to break the drought so they'll resort to any low act they can. Whether it's Ricky Stuart blatantly trying to influence the ref with some of his comments on the eve of the decider of 2011 or the dog shots by Gallen in Game 1 of last year. Acts of desperate men trying to stop the rot for their team.

If a forearm (that won't be penalised) or punch is going to the give a team the slightest bit of advantage, more often than not, they're going to take it. I don't necessarily agree with it but it is what it is.
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