NEWS 'He's earned his right': Kevin Walters explains Tristan Sailor snub as rookie halfback called up by Broncos


Brisbane coach Kevin Walters has explained his thinking behind the surprise replacement for Adam Reynolds, with Q Cup star Josh Rogers named to wear the No.7 jersey.

With Broncos skipper Reynolds sidelined for up to 14 weeks with a torn bicep and alternative half Jock Madden ruled out with a pectoral injury, Walters has backed the rookie to take on the challenge.

Rogers' call-up comes at the expense of Broncos five-eighth Tristan Sailor, who was called into the Brisbane line-up to replace an injured Reece Walsh earlier this season.

Speaking on 4BC's Wide World of Sports Radio on Tuesday, Walters said the Broncos had a strong pool of options to replace Reynolds, revealing he believes Rogers has "earned his right" to play in the halves.

"There were a couple of options for us, with Tristan Sailor as well, but Josh has been playing in the halves and playing the type of football that will be good for us on Friday night against Parramatta," Walters said.

"He's been in really good touch for Burleigh in the Queensland Cup and he's earned his right to make his way into the team.

"Jock Madden would have been playing, but he is gonna miss another week or two."

Rogers made his NRL debut last season during the Broncos' 32-22 loss to the Melbourne Storm.

He will join star playmaker Ezra Mam in the halves.

"With Ezra, we expect him to step up somewhat with the communication and running of the team - but Josh is doing a great job at Burleigh," said the Brisbane coach.

"He's just got to pass well, kick well, and tackle well - that will be his job done for the Broncos on Friday night."

Rogers joined the Burleigh Bears in the Hostplus Cup in 2018 after making the move from Perth to join Brisbane's development squad.

The 27-year-old was the top point scorer of the Hostplus Cup competition in 2023 and is currently leading the points tally for the 2024 season.

"So many players have come through the Hostplus Cup - even looking at our Broncos team. I wouldn't think there would be too many players who haven't come through that competition in our current squad," said Walters.

"Josh is another great example of him plying his trade for several years. He got his debut last year in the NRL with us in round 27.

"There's so many players and it's a great competition, a great learning curve and experience for players."



QCup Player
Aug 24, 2022
Parker is whinging about Kevvie snubbing Sailor. saying it could force Sailor our of the club.

among other things he says that Sailor replacing Reynolds in this game was a "no-brainer" ... it definitely hurts Parker that Kevvie actually used his brain when naming this side.
Did Parker said that? I missed it.
I’m glad that Kev didn’t have any place for this moron in his support staff.

To me, not letting this stupid idiot anywhere near our playing group is a ‘no-brainer’. Wonder when this moron learn not to talk stupid. It’s a shame that he has turned out to the way he did. Disgrace.


NRL Player
Feb 26, 2023
Agree with the Rogers decision. Obviously, Madden would be first choice to show us he can lead a team. I would be confident in Sailor at #6 if he was paired with Reynolds. Ezra and Sailor too similar atm, so Rogers is the right call. Fortunately he won’t replace Ezra, as he and Reynolds will guide our club through the finals and win the 2024 Premiership.


It's Bronco Time
Aug 27, 2008
Anyone who thinks Sailor in for Reyno is 'no brainer' is the one with no brain. If Mam was out you'd consider Sailor because you could see him potentially doing a decent job as a running 5/8 (defensive deficiencies aside) but it's Reyno out, so you don't need a runner with questionable defence, you need a calm, controlling half who can kick and tackle. Not hard.


QCup Player
Aug 24, 2022
I can’t understand the stupid idea around Sailor for Adam. The moron trying to push this as agenda instigating something out of nothing.
Sailor had been terrible in defence when trying to fill in the left side few weeks back. How can someone with at least half a brain can say Sailor to half is beyond me. Stupid & dumb moron Parker thinks otherwise.
Sailor simply is not a choice in the half’s but a perfect backup fullback.
Kudos to Kev for his continued right decisions.


State of Origin Captain
Jun 13, 2019
I don't Think Sailor is suited to the Halves from what we have seen, but to be fair it has been the late game joins that he has only had when put there which makes it harder for him to adjust.

Suitable for outside back though especially wing, he is a solid high ball catcher and is willing to work alot in tough carrys.


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