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That whole QLD chase was offside from the kick and didn’t give him 10m.

Ps the NSW team scored a try from a knock on from Hodgson. Even Sterlo and Gus called it. Guss even said (before the decision came up) that he was getting a nasty feeling that they were going to award it despite the knock on....


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One really good thing about that video is a short part about Cyril Connell and his influence on the recruitment system the club put in place, anyone who know about Cyril will know how vital he was to recruiting young talent to the Broncos. Names include Shane Webcke, Tonie Carroll, Petero Civoniceva, Darren Lockyer, Wendall Sailor, Lote Tuqiri, Shaun Berrigan, Brent Tate and Karmichael Hunt.
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I watched the 2006 Broncos v Storm GF yesterday. I'm not sure what part of the day was the most satisfying to relive. Was it The numerous calls that went the Broncos way, Webcke's standout performance in his last game, Smith having to slink from the field before the game was over, Locky's field goal, seeing K Hunt running around again, Locky and Webcke lifting the trophy or Hoffman sitting crying like a baby at full time.

They were all heartwarming, and I have to say I never felt a a sliver of compassion for Hoffman. Maybe this isolation thing is making me cold-hearted, but I must be honest and say I nearly enjoyed it.


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One of the best games of all time, I have re-watched it a few times. Yeah the result sucked but one of the best games of all time.

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With the 2015 Grand Final, I feel it's important that fans watch previous clash for context. This wasn't just an 81 minute game, it was a 161 minutes of pulsating action.

I feel for the Broncos in the GF. They received a lot of criticism for not playing football but they were starved of field position. A lot was made of their decision to keep finding touch which started happening early in the second half. The thing was, it was rarely by design. There was one kick that completely bamboozled Feldt and it somehow bounced on a right angle towards touch instead of bouncing forward and possibly giving the chasers a play on it. Then there were instances where Nikorima went for a scurry got caught on the last, panic past to Hunt who just had to get a kick away. They only started going for it in the last 10 minutes when it made sense.

There were a few times the referees would have relieved the Broncos if this was a regular season game. However since it was a grand final, they tried to stay out of it as much as possible so Brisbane found themselves trying to kick themselves out of trouble.

Don't forget that Feldt knocked the ball out of Milford's hands forward either.

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