Imagine...our 2014 team if all the rumours were true...

Mister Wright

NRL Captain
1. Barba
2. Hoffman
3. Kelly (Albert)
4. Hodges
5. Yow Yeh
6. Cooper (Quade)
7. Cherry-Evans
8. Hannant
9. McCullough
10. Shillington
11. Glenn
12. Thaiday
13. Parker (c)

14. Gillett
15. McGuire
16. Leroyd-Lars
17. Sandow

I might have missed a few...


International Captain
for starters even if all the rumours were true ... Thaiday would still be the captain, not Parker

I bleed Maroon

State of Origin Captain
When you've got Cherry Evans and Quade Cooper in the 6 and 7, tell Sandow to get fucked and put Tasi in the forward rotation.

With that being done and an actual decent coach at the helm, Premiership side. Easily. We would roll Melbourne like a castle of cards in a wind tunnel.

Then Ian Schubert comes knocking to ruin the party.
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