Is Paul Gallen Too Old For Origin?

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2015' started by Big Pete, Jun 11, 2015.

    Gus Gould certainly thinks so.

    The outspoken League personality wrote an article months ago about how NSW needed to start focusing on the future and move on some of the older players, one of which was the skipper Gallen.

    If you were a selector, would you leave out Gal? Or do you you believe he's an integral part of the Blues line-up?
  1. Aren't some of the qld team as old as Gallen , if not even older ? Gould is just trying to make himself relevant and like a lot of his comments, this statement or position is just to generate debate. If you're good enough then age is of little consequence. First nsw must learn how to win consistently before they need to worry about trivialities like players ages. They were very very lucky to snag the series last year and doubtless would not have had Cronk not broken an arm and in the second game a very stupid selection decision allowed an underprepared DCE to play. A fit Hunt may have been premature but still a better option.
  2. It's always interesting to get Gus' take on roster management. He's doing a great job at Penrith and his ability to turn the Roosters from one of the most disappointing franchise into one of the biggest speaks volumes.

    With that said, he's got it wrong here.

    The biggest problem I have with NSW is that they never show any respect for their heroes.

    Now, Gal is not somebody I really admire, especially after the ASADA scandal.

    But he's been a big part of their set up for years now and when he's on the field he's still one of the best middle men in the game.

    Bottom line, you pick the best players available and Gal is still one of those. Unfortunately for NSW, their best won't be enough next week.
  3. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    The thing with Gallen is, while you can never deny his commitment and desire to win, in doing so he tends to overplay his hand/role. It becomes Paul Gallen + Cronulla or NSW. Not a team that Paul Gallen is in. The team is either too reliant on him and don't feel they can do anything without him, or conversely, he tries to do too much and it doesn't work. That's probably the bigger unspoken reason behind the criticism being pointed his way recently.

    Also he's basically just an Origin player now. He's lucky to play 10 games a year for Cronulla for the past few years. I think, physically, he's done after this year.
  4. jarro65

    jarro65 State of Origin Rep

    I hope he plays for them for another 10 years
  5. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    He's still far and away their best forward. In fact I think Bird is looking like he's slowing down more than Gallen.
  6. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Minus the peptides he's not that good
  7. He shouldn't be allowed to represent his state, or play professional league at all. So yes, I'm all for leaving this drug cheat on the side lines.
  8. Morkel


    Gus is of course looking for excuses for why NSW won't win. And why he is smarter than all the other coaches. Even though he's too pussy to coach NSW again himself.

    Gallen is one of their best. He is a nobjockey of a human, but he's a machine on the field. His biggest issue is injuries, but that's the Sharks' problem, not NSW's. If they can put a mostly-fit Gallen on the field then they have a better chance than when he's not there. As long as they can keep his brain-farts in check, and make sure he sticks to the game-plan and not try to win it solo, there aren't many players that are better at taking that hit-up in the 75th minute.
    It's just Gould talking shit.

    He has trotted this out about a few players and been completely wrong. Lockyer in particular.

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