Kevin Walters to re-sign

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2017' started by Tom, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Tom

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    Sorry @Pushkin@Pushkin
  2. Sproj


    DYNASTY, NRL-origin related word bingo answer as it pops up everywhere.
  3. JayPee

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    Well deserved. Made a massive call last year and that has really been validated with what happened this year. Could have really hurt his tenure early but as much as we have great legends in the current side his tactical coaching really shown through.
  4. Alec

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    I wonder who made the decisions in game 1 to pick O'Neill, Myles and Guerra
  5. JayPee

    JayPee QCup Player

    Feel sorry for Nate. Everybody knew if you had watched him the last year and a half that he was not even a first grader let alone an origin player. Deserved to go out better than what he dished up in game 1. In hindsight he probably should have given it up last year. The other two were in terrible form.
  6. Sproj


    Good on him. Gives us a real chance to see how he handles generational change in a side and if he does it well, we may just see him wind up as the next Broncos coach given I'd say his origin reign probably will end around the same time Wayne calls it a day.

    I'd say (based on pure speculation) that the next Broncos coach will be between Walter, Demetriou and Green. At this point in time, either of Green or Walter I would be more than happy with.
  7. gordjw

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    I thought this title was him re-signing with the Broncos, curse you Tom!

    Good on Walters though, he absolutely deserves it for making tough calls and having them pay off. It's going to be a rough few years during the transition, so hopefully he can keep QLD playing competitively while Cronk, Smith and JT are replaced permanently.

    OTOH... the Broncos need you too Kevvie...
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  8. Foordy


    I was listening to ABC Grandstand a few weeks ago and they were saying that JD was the front runner to replace Wayne when he retires.

    They said that JD is very highly regarded at the club. According to them he is also in no rush to get the top job, happy to stay under Wayne a few years yet to learn all he can
  9. Tom

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    Ha sorry man that's why I put it in the SOO forum. You must be like me and click on the "new posts" link. Can get confusing sometimes.
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  10. Pffft...who looks at forums. Everyone looks at new posts.

    You got me too, you c*nt. :pokeytongue:
  11. gordjw

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    Yep, new posts all the way!
  12. Tom

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    I must admit, it is some quality clickbait now that I think about it. I could probably get a job for the DT or the CM.

    What's a c*nt? I know what a **** is but what is c*nt?
  13. upload_2017-8-3_22-10-9.jpeg
  14. Who is that?

    Walter White maybe?

    That could work :biggrin:
  15. Broncs_Fan

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    Why would Green want to leave the Cowboys? He can build a Bennett type legacy up there given he won the club's first Premiership. I can see him coaching there for 10+ years.

    I'd say out next coach will be either Walters or Demetriou.
  16. He will give it away when JT is gone for a couple of years when he realises that coaching one of the best players in the world does a hell of a lot of your job for you.
  17. [​IMG]

    ETA on the Wayne Bennett to coach QLD in 2018 rumour to re-grow it's legs?
  18. Sproj


    Or Bennett somehow gets Hayne to get Henry the sack after a mysterious cafe meet-up so Kevvie can go there and Wayne can get the Qld gig in a Game of Thrones-style series of machinations to remove his clear influence from a highly suspicious chain of events.
  19. Dash

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    Chaos is a ladder - Wayne Bennett
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