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Mar 4, 2008
Round1. Not sure why but I am really looking forward to watching this game. I noticed that Canberra are at $2.50 for a win but that seems weird as the Knights have lost a lot of marquee players over the last season and only gained wes and cross. What do you guys think? I am really liking the Raiders chances.
At $2.50 I think the Raiders represent a value pick despite their bad away form over the years. The Knights I think are just nothing this year, not even a speed bump.
I'd like to see how Akuila Uate goes for the Knights - if he plays. He is supposed to be the next best thing or something.

Still, I'd probably tip the Raiders, just.
Knights biggest problem is that there 3 halves options Douro, Walsh and Mullen are all woeful defenders. Other than that they have an aging Danny B and Kurt who is a genuine star. Cross was their one really good buy as he was excellent for the storm last year, but their pack is pretty inexperienced besides him. They have young talent there like Vuna, Uate, Patterson but just don't have the guys that have performed already to give me any confidence they will not be in the bottom 2 or 3.
I think the second rower the Knights got from St George - Houston or whatever his name is, will prove to be a great buy. They actually have a reasonable team - good players in key positions.

We have seen in the past that, in the current format, reasonable teams can sneak into the play offs.

To me, the two smokies this year will be the Knights and the Panthers.
If the game was being played in Canberra it would be a very easy pick, but with Canberra away you just never know what you will get. I'm leaning towards the Raiders as I feel the plain arrogance of Todd Carney will actually lift him to play well if his contract talks are still ongoing at game time. Either way I think Carney has plenty to prove this year, if he can keep his head screwed on straight I wouldn't dismiss their chances of creeping into the bottom part of the 8 by seasons end. Canberra have made the finals with worse squads over the last handful of years.

I'm not a Raiders Fan, but I am a Carney fan - no I'm not being disrespectfull to Carney with arrogance, I mean a high level of self belief (Halfback arrogance, which is a good thing at times)
The raiders have a number of talented young players such as Zillman, Dobson, Carney and Tilse. If these players can take their games to the next level, the raiders have the potential to surprise some people. Having said that, I think the knights will win this week - I actually think that they have made some astute buys, particularly some of the young players they have bought. And Paterson is another player who has definitely shown promise.
Have Raiders on a multi or two. Very good value. Carney going to tear them up IMO

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