OFFICIAL LOL. We have a new recruit, and you'll never guess who it is

Ben Ikin:

“Billy won’t be coming here this year but he will definitely be at the Broncos in 2022. It will be a one-year deal. Where he plays is to be determined by the coach, but Billy has great utility value so I’d say that’s where he will start. Depending on how Billy plays and how the team performs and how we go with injuries, things could evolve across the season.”

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“Billy won’t be here next year. He has fitted in really well, he is a real professional and a great young guy. I wish him well.”

Scott Sattler:

“Billy might get some flak, but it comes with having a famous footballing surname when you are the son of a legend. Kevvie might get some criticism for signing his son, but the only way to answer it is for Billy to play good football. If he plays well for the Broncos, it won’t matter if his dad is the coach. It’s a good signing. The utility role is crucial in today’s game and Billy will fit into the Broncos well, he’s a handy player with an infectious personality.”

Apr 10, 2015
The interesting thing about this is team dynamics. I think if we had a few early wins it could be really, really good for team dynamics and culture. If we don't (by way of getting screwed again with a draw by the NRL) then it will be shocking for it....

If your boss' son works with you you don't whinge about the boss with them around. When it's a shit workplace or job that is healthy to do, but if it's a nice workplace and were winning it may prevent egos growing larger then the coach


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Aug 19, 2013
Ben Ikin: “Billy Walters to join in 2022 season. Don’t worry, neither of them will be granted extensions”
Ben ikin: "The reason behind this is because the father and son duo have been filmed tag teaming my dear friend's (aka Shed's) missus.

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May 3, 2019
Early in the year i was ok with billy as a 14, but given the depth of other back up halves/utilities: paix, gamble, kelly and croft, it is questionable if we need him.

I gather he will just take levi's base level spot but i hope it does not impact mams pathway who i see as a future 6 that could work well with reynolds.
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