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If Bennett thought Boyd still had it he'd be at South Sydney right now. The Broncos would've offloaded him in a flash.
He wasn't allowed lol. Probably why he approached the Titans and asked them for a job first.


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From April: one down; still one to go.

Step up or retire: Paul Kent calls BS on ‘fragile’ Darius Boyd and questions Greg Inglis

Mark St John

  • April 8, 2019 4:42pm
Broncos captain Darius Boyd and Rabbitohs equivalent Greg Inglis are in danger of having their legacies tarnished in their final seasons.

The pair are down on form, fitness and confidence and need to have some hard conversations, according to veteran journalist Paul Kent. “I want to call bulls**t on Darius Boyd and what we saw the other night,” Kent told Triple M Footy. “I think at some point he has got to have a conversation with himself about whether he wants to see out his career the right way. “As players get towards the end of their career they have a choice to make and we saw recently with the likes of Billy Slater and Johnathan Thurston, who went out and really knuckled down. “They gave themselves no opportunity to have their game’s questioned. “Darius is getting towards the end of his career and he still hasn’t still hasn’t announced when he will retire, but we know it is not too far away. “But he is playing like he is fragile and if he is not right then he has got to get himself right.”

Boyd has struggled in the first month of the season, especially with his defence. The Brisbane fullback has been guilty of a lack of urgency at the back, most notably on two defensive reads against the Storm in Round 1 and again against the Roosters in Round 4. Boyd was the last line of defence for Roosters’ forward Angus Crichton’s try and he appeared to make no effort to make a tackle.

Darius Boyd has lacked energy and assertiveness in both attack and defence.

Darius Boyd has lacked energy and assertiveness in both attack and defence.Source: AAP

“Boyd just stood and watched and that was a play that lacked hunger from the skipper,” Phil Rothfield told Controversy Corner. “The third man in might have saved that try. He’s missing Wayne Bennett, there is no doubt about that.” After being premiership contenders prior to the season kick-off, the Broncos have slipped to a 1-3 record and desperately need their captain to lead from the front to dig them out of a hole. Boyd is contracted until the end of 2021, but on current form the 31-year-old will be doing well to see out the end of his deal, when he will be 34.

Kent is also concerned about the fitness of South Sydney skipper Greg Inglis, after an injury interrupted 2019 campaign to date. “The other guy who has got to have a serious conversation with himself is Greg Inglis, who is in a similar boat to Boyd,” Kent said. “I know he gets upset when we bring up his weight, but he looks a little bit like Gorden (Tallis) in the Lycra.

Greg Inglis announced his retirement date two years out, with some doubting if he has enough petrol in the tank to go the distance.

Greg Inglis announced his retirement date two years out, with some doubting if he has enough petrol in the tank to go the distance.Source: Getty Images

“But as you get to the end of your career players can go one of two ways. “They either say, you know what this is the amount of time I’ve got left and I’m going to give it my all and get into it or they already start to have one eye on retirement and they just try to get to the end. “And if you are trying to get to the end, as great a players as they are, they are not going to make their finish the way they want to make it.” Inglis has announced that he will retire at the end of the 2020 season, when he will be 33.

However given his struggles with knee and shoulder problems, he too may struggle to reach the end of his current contract. Wayne Bennett has shown a willingness to call time on player’s careers no matter what their standing in the game or club is. Bennett will not let Inglis play, if he requires needles to get on the field and it remains to be seen if his banged up body can go the distance. Boyd and Inglis may want the perfect ending, but so few in rugby league get the farewell they want and deserve.
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