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Mar 5, 2008
Don't want to be mean and shiz, but watching that Dolphins documentary on Stan - Milf comes back for pre-season training and does the 1.2km run which everyone else seems to handle okay as the camera cuts to them post-run.

Meanwhile, here's Milf lying down on the grass, absolutely spent like he's just run a marathon. This bloke is meant to be a professional athlete, and was one of the highest paid in the game for a period there.

Maintaining a base level of fitness over the off-season seems like a bare minimum requirement you'd expect from your players. Like shit, when I was playing footy and soccer, I know I'd be able to put in an effort for 1.2km and not keel over afterwards, and I was certainly no professional athlete, being paid to be in shape, etc.

No wonder his career has gone so downhill. He obviously reached a point where he got very comfortable and didn't care to put the effort in anymore. What a waste of talent, eh.
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Mr Fourex

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Apr 9, 2012
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