Most overrated NRL XIII?


International Rep
Who do people think are the 13 most overrated players to make up a side are?


1. Darius Boyd (at fullback)
2. Ashley Graham
3. Will Chambers
4. Josh Morris
5. Jorge Taufua
6. Corey Norman (apparently he's a massive loss)
7. Adam Reynolds
8. Adam Blair
9. John Morris (I guess, I honestly have no idea)
10. Sam Kasiano
11. Glenn Stewart
12. Sam Thaiday
13. Chris McQueen (not quite a lock, but I think he should be in the side anyway)


QCup Player
1. Josh Dugan
2. Akuila Uate
3. Krisnan Inu
4. Josh Morris
5. Jorge Taufua
6. Gareth Widdop
7. Adam Reynolds/Jeff Robson
8. Andrew Fifita
9. Issac Luke
10. David Shillington
11. Chris McQueen
12. Justin Horo
13. Glenn Stewart (even though he's not really a lock)

Big Pete

International Captain
1. Josh Hoffman
2. Jason Nightingale
3. Steve Matai
4. Chris Lawrence
5. Justin O'Neil
6. Terry Campese
7. Kurt Gidley
8. Fui Fui Moi Moi
9. Issac Luke
10. James Tamou
11. Feleti Mateo
12. Frank Pritchard
13. Adam Blair

Not a fan of Kiwis.

I'm a fan of Hoffman but the carry on about him at fullback is ridiculous. The guy simply isn't good enough to cut it at this level in that position.

Nightingale is treated like one of the best wingers in the world when really he's just a solid over-achiever.

Matai is a very handy club player but I don't think he's one of the best centres in the world. Always seems to get exposed in test matches.

Coming up with centres is tough so I'll stick with an old favourite. Whenever Lawrence has a good game you can count on a bunch of his fans coming out of the wood work hailing him as a Test centre even when he isn't ready.

I listed O'Neil because he came extremely close to making his Origin debut despite being extremely soft. It's a shame, because he has the ability but he just comes across as an athlete as opposed to a genuine footy player.

Media still treats Campese as if he's the saviour despite being a passenger for years now.

Kidley is an easy pick. Automatic selection in any representative side even when he doesn't deserve to be and more often than not gets in the Knights way. If Bennett wants the Knights to succeed he needs to chop him.

Fui is just a gimmick these days.

Luke is hailed as one of the best hookers in the game when really he's just one dimensional. That dimension is very good don't get me wrong but he can be contained fairly easily.

A lot of people have considered Tamou a representative mainstay since early last season but he's got a lot of deficiencies that need to be addressed and shouldn't feature.

There always seems to be at least one person who calls for Mateo as a bench selection for Origin. Said it before, Feleti is just too lazy at that level.

Could have gone with T-Rex or a host of others but went with Pritchard because he still seems to get this free pass from the media despite being ordinary for years now.

Blair is another gimme.
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Big Pete

International Captain
Blair is just a gimme given he's an automatic pick for the Kiwis despite being relatively average. Plus, it suits my apparent anti-NZ theme.

Otherwise lock is sort of difficult. The only players I could really consider for the position would be G. Stewart, Harrison or Johnson. Even then, I still think Blair receives more attention than them.


QCup Player
1. Corey Norman - no explanation needed
2. Nathan Merritt - a decent finisher, and nothing more
3. Chris Lawrence - has he ever done anything brilliant?
4. Josh Morris - not really an attacking dynamo
5. Krisnan Inu - see Morris
6. Josh Reynolds - Andrew Johns' biggest man-crush. I think he's a good five-eighth, but certainly not one of the best in the NRL
7. Kurt Gidley - great all-around bloke, but I just don't see much in him
8. Aaron Woods - his Origin performances said it all
9. Robbie Farah - fantastic hooker. He's here because there are so many deluded minds that think he's better than Smith
10. Adam Blair - wouldn't be considered for Kiwis selection if he was young and had put in his performances from the last two years
11. Feleti Mateo - simply makes too many mistakes to be seriously considered for NSW or Australia
12. Anthony Watmough - gives away too many penalties and offers little attacking nous
13. Trent Merrin - see Watmough


State of Origin Rep
Out there somewhere
1: Kurt Gidley - Don't think he is bad by any means but undeservedly gets selected for NSW and Australia consistently
2: Nathan Merritt - Just scores tries by catching a pass and falling over 90% of the time
3: Willie Tonga - Had to fit him in somewhere
4: Chris Lawrence - Touted as a NSW centre once but he is just to soft and doesn't play with much aggression
5: Daniel Vidot - Seemed to be some hype about him but didn't deliver
6: Corey Norman - Beamed like a chesire cat when he made the move to Parra. Goodbye and good riddance
7: Chris Sandow - Overpaid, overrated and can't tackle to save himself
8: Fuifui Moimoi - A sideshow act
9: Ray Thompson - Another Cowboy spine player that doesn't cut it
10: David Shillington - What's the big jizz about this guy don't think he is bad but he isn't great
11: Adam Blair - Just another example of players being made to look better than what they are at the Storm.
12: Sam Thiaday - Can play on his day but he doesn't put in Origin 2 type performances enough during the season
13: Chris Heighington - Never really rated him as highly as what some people do
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QCup Player
forgot about Chris Lawrence. such an average all round player. the only thing going for him is that he was coached by Tim Sheens (therefore assured a place in the Australian squad at least once in his life)


NYC Player
1 Coote
2 ONeil
3 Pomeroy
4 Lawerance
5 Boyd
6 Norman
7 Sandow
8 Tamou
9 Ballin
10 Shillington
11 T Rex
12 Anasta
13 Blair

14 J Reynolds
15 Gidley
16 Fui
17 Mason



International Rep
Don't mind that side but Ballin is underrated, not overrated.

1. Corey Norman
2. Akuila Uate
3. Chris Lawrence
4. Josh Morris
5. Nathan Merritt
6. Chris Sandow
7. Mitchell Pearce
8. Fuifui Moimoi
9. Andrew McCullough
10. James Tamou
11. TRex
12. Sam Thaiday
13. Adam Blair

14. Kurt Gidley
15. Jamie Buhrer
16. Luke O'Donnell
17. Brett White

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