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    Just thought we needed a thread for it
    Go Jazz
  2. Warriors dispatched every opponent 4-0 so far in playoffs and conference final, up 3-0 against Lebron's Cavs in championship series, which is already an all time record, and now 1 game away of a total finals sweep (16-0).

    Come on Dubs, make it happen!
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    Nobody cares.
  4. GKDonkey

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    Soon as Jazz got knocked out, I lost interest in the play-offs. They really need to even up the comp
  5. I stopped watching after Houston went to mud against the Spurs, but came back to watch the final. Golden State were far too good, but I really enjoyed Games 3, 4 & 5. Cleveland really gave it their all in those games, but Golden State with KD, Steph & Klay were too much.
  6. I'm a massive NBA fan.

    Really underwhelming post-season in general. Predictable results, far too many blowouts, no majorly interesting story-lines. Everyone with half a brain knew that Golden State were going to sweep the floor with everyone. I'd say there's a massive chance nobody even gets close to them over the next 4-5 years unless there's a major injury to Curry or Durant.

    On to more important issues, as a Lakers fan, who we're going to draft 2nd overall next week. The overwhelming consensus is that we'll take Lonzo Ball, which I'm quite pleased with. He seems like a genuine chance at being a superstar point guard.
  7. Outside of KD last season, the Warriors built this team through smart drafting and excellent coaching. It's up to the other teams to do the same, and so far only Cleveland seems to be close.

    Golden State are wiping the floor with competition and gobbling up all kinds of records, and it's thoroughly enjoyable for Warriors fans like myself, especially since I don't care much about baseball, and my bay area NFL team is in a rebuilding phase.

    For those playing at home, the finals were the most watched NBA event in history, not bad given no one cares apparently... :porthozthinksthisishot:
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    You make a good point @Porthoz@Porthoz. People get carried away with the Durant signing, but fail to recognise that neither Curry nor Thompson were lottery picks and guys like Livingston & Igaludola (sp) were servicable guys (at best), although it could be argued that Livingston, before he suffered major injuries, was one of the best 2-way guards in the league. And, as many commentators have said, were Golden State supposed to say, "No Kevin, we don't want you to come here." when he looked to join them?
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    Well NBA is back and what a debut from Simmons
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    This though. Don't look if you're squeamish...
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  11. Sproj


    Imagine if we could convince Irving to play for Australia as well, in a couple of years the side would absolutely give the Dream Team a run for its money.

    C - Maker
    PF - ??
    SF - Simmons
    SG - Exum
    PG - Irving



    Just the PF position but there are few young guys still coming through.
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  12. broncsgoat

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    There's talk of him being back late in the season.

    How **** horrific must Yow Yeh's break have been if it retired him if Howard can come back within 12 months of this. When I was watching I said to my mate that this was a career ender and I read today he's hoping to be back. Crazy
  13. It's not a compound fracture, makes all the difference in the world, unfortunately for Yow Yeh...
  14. Simmons is a PF, he's 6'10" and can't shoot.

    Ingles is super underrated right now, elite 3p shooter & passer, crafty defender. A little further down the track we'll have Jonah Bolden at PF as well who was a 2nd round pick by the 76ers this season, currently playing a season in Europe due to lack of rosters spots in Philly, but looks good enough to be a rotation player in the NBA at some point.

    You forgot Baynes as well, who's a solid backup C in Boston right now.
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  15. Sproj


    Yeah Baynes, how did I forget him? He’s a massive presence in the box. Anyway you look at it, if the Aussies don’t win at least a medal in the olympics in the next ten years, it will be super disappointing.
  16. broncsgoat

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    Yeah, looked horrific though.
  17. GKDonkey

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    Ben Simmons scored a triple double today.
    'Simmons is only the fifth player ever — and first since Shaquille O’Neal — to begin his career with four straight double-doubles, having already joined Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson as the only other man to begin with three or more games of 10+ points, 10+ rebounds and 5+ assists'
    The Sixers, winless from their first three games, threatened to let a huge lead slip but held on for a 97-86 victory away at Detroit on Tuesday (AEDT).
    Rookie Simmons was simply superb, notching 21 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists — all career highs — to secure a triple-double in just his fourth game.
    I could go into all the stats and records he broke and is making but we could be here forever.
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  18. soup

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    Very impressive stuff eh. I’ve been following him for awhile and didn’t think he had this much in him. Let’s see if he can keep it up and avoid injury. He could be anything.
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    I've watched every Sixers game so far this season, if he ever develops a jump shot and can hit 75% from the line, it's over, he's going to be the best player in the world.

    Haven't seen anyone with that level of size, speed, athleticism and passing since LeBron.
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