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Jason Simmons

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Isaako is a terrible player.

God, I hope he is not our fullback. Given the way we have been over the past few years, if he is named to start, they will persist with him, no matter how shit he is.

He deadset could not catch Coronavirus in China and his defence is abysmal, both positionally and in one v one contact.

If he is the best we can do? We are in all sorts...
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Croft looked good, have some of you just decided you will hate him regardless?
I thought we actually looked reasonably smooth when he was handling the ball.

His first touch in the first game setup a half break after he cut inside and later in that game I think it was him that passed to Staggs who dropped it cold when he would've scored.

Second game he looked more of a 13 a side halfback. Set up that movement to the right side... that is stock standard, but something we've been missing for awhile. Later he threw a nice pass back in field to attack in behind the ruck... again stock standard stuff but the kind of stuff we have been missing since basically Lockyer.

His defence looked solid considering it's nines and you're going to get a lot of one on one tackles against big physical backs and forwards.

I suspect he will cop it for his kick dead, but it wasn't far off and nines doesn't really lend itself to kicking games... he should've done better with it though.

He's basically there to get us around the field and leave it to the other half for the attack... and chime in when he can. Which I think he showed he can do quite well.

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Bellamy released him because his salary cap is fucked ... he has released several players replacing them with minimum wage at best
He dropped him before the finals and preferred a fullback over him...
- Merged

Knowing our recruitment and retention over the last 10 years, we'll let him go and he'll go on to star for some other team.
I'm really hoping not.
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He dropped him before the finals and preferred a fullback over him...
even the greats make mistakes ...

Croft was the halfback of the side that lost 2 games or something all year for a combined losing total of about 4 points ... that was until they dropped Croft and were then bundled out of the finals without a whimper

it is no secret that the Storm had to make room for Pap in the starting side ... unfortunately for them, they choose to get rid of a genuine halfback instead of their excess fullback, who showed in the finals he isn't a playmaker ... as soon as Smith retires that will bite them on the ass big time (it may even happen this season) ... but just maybe Bellamy doesn't care since he won't be around once Smith goes

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