NRL 2008 Season Preview



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Mar 8, 2008
Did anyone get the dvds that were in the paper?

If so did you agree with the previewers?

I watched the first part and it is a good dvd detailing teams on a shoestring (If you know what I mean)
The DVDs weren't bad, although the second one was pretty much the same as the first so I don't know why they bothered. Also I swear at the start they said they were going to look at 10 classic games; pretty sure they only went over like 4...
They did have a computer making predictions on the 2nd DVD. All I can remember was Storm 1, Roosters 6, Broncos 11 and Tigers 14.
I don't get why they bothered with the 2nd DVD either. Could have just had it all on one dvd.
Yeah i know but they are just a slap shot prediction. It is rubbish! They should have done it all on 1 disc!

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