CROSS FORUM NRL 2023 Round 15 Discussion

I forgot, they had Brailey in camp last time.

watch them pick him over Robson the dumbcunts.
Seriously, if that challenge is a ban from Tino there are going to be a lot of suspended front rowers in the next few weeks.
There is Fittler's out to keep Hynes on the bench and bring in Reynolds or Moses.
Tigers are hopeless... should've realised they'd be garbage once they had to jump on a plane out of NSW
Need to get Ipap on Campbell... it's not hard to work out, but they're going everywhere except the right or throwing it away before building any pressure
If the tigers weren’t such a basket case there’d be a golden opportunity for their social media to troll the shit out of the Titans with a tweet like : ‘Right where we want to be at halftime’ 😈
Yeah just saw the Tino , Api collision and it doesn't look to me like he even lifted his arm .
He still had the ball against his chest and Api just got unlucky.
Commentators carried on so much .
Thats shocking defence from Simpkin.

There's way too much space there regardless but he was well and truly in no mans land.
Tigers flat out refusing to pass to Ipap on Campbell.
I tell you what, I don't think I've seen two players play as bad as talau and Wakeham have tonight
I repeat ... Talau is shit
Wakeham and Talau at it again... **** they've been shit
Freddy having a whine about Tino and his duty of care with Api. Didnt hear him saying too much about the Addo-Carr forearm into the face of Walsh. No duty of care in that instance.

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