CROSS FORUM NRL 2023 Round 22 Discussion

lol, Cowboys are in danger now, if they lose to us next week, I don't see them staying in the 8, Knights are unlikely to lose to Dolphins.
Seriously some brain dead game management in that last 4 minutes from the teets. All they had to do was run the clock down and hold the ball... nope. Let's grubber twice on early tackles. Good grief.
Mind you, ref couldn't wait to keep the Cows in it and game alive...

But yeah, brain dead Sami
Sami is braid dead. He just typifies the titans for me. They could be losing by 50 points and he scores and gets up and acts like he's won a gf. Worst origin pick I've ever seen as well. His running game is goof this year but he has about 3 brain cells.
Nicolas Cage 90S GIF
That last 20 min. was glorious to watch. Cows with some questionable calls going their way. Titans with some solid desperation Footy. So sick of the ref involvement in this comp. It's just harder to watch without getting annoyed. Love the karma roll for the Titans.

Watching that game, with a weak middle from the Cows, I could only think that an in-form Broncos would carve them easily.
Pressure on the playmakers, hit and stick on Deardon and good sliding D would negate their attack.
Will be a good game next week nonetheless.
Shields Up @The Don!

That's what the Gold Coast can do. Their left edge can turn it on from out of nowhere and when they get Clark and Randall generating momentum through the middle they really give that edge the room they need to operate. When he can stay fit, there's few better at getting their team around the park than Foran and if anything the Gold Coast were unlucky not to put on more points.

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